How To Recover Deleted Files From Hard Disk

Today i Am going to Share A New Computer Hack.On various website many types of software are available but they don not work but I am giving you best software where u can recover easily and make your life smiley again.The Trick is How To Recover Deleted Files From USB Pendrive/Hard Drive

How To Recover Deleted Files From Hard Disk/USB

Method #1 

Recover deleting, formatting, partition loss, improper operation etc. from EASEUS Data Recovery software.

#1 Firstly download EASEUS Data Recovery  Tool. 


 #Dropbox Link:- Download here

 #4shared Link:- Download here

#2   After download EASEUS Data Recovery Tool, install and run the application in your         system. you can see look likes that. 
EASEUS Data Recovery Tool are used for Recover the data due to Deletion, Format, Partition Loss, Software Crash, Virus attack, etc.

#3 After Run the application You can see Three mode recovery. 

Mode #1  Deleted File Recover 

Deleted file recovery mode are used for recover if  files Deleted and Emptied from Recycle bin.

Mode #2  Complete Recovery

Complete Recovery mode are used if Files loss due to format, Disk displayed as RAW or Windows asks, Do you want to format this drive? , Files loss after a system Crash, Virus attack, Software crash, etc.

Mode #3  Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery mode are used if  accidentally Deleted a Partition, Partition loss due to Disk partitioning, Boot Manager, etc. 

#4  Now Plug your flash Pen drive that you want to recover files which has been deleted. and After that Click on Complete Recovery Mode .  

#5  After  click on  Complete Recovery Mode you can see a window where you can choose the files types that you want to Recover. If u want to Recover all type of files then Check [ Search for all “Lost File” types]. And if not then uncheck  [search for all “Lost File” types]. and select manually. And also if you want to skip “Ignore bad sectors” then uncheck and  if u want then check. Now click on “NEXT” button.

#6 After click “NEXT”, you can see the all drives where you can select which drive you want to recover data from drives. In this post I am selecting a flash drive for recover data,you can also select a hard drives if you want to recover data from hard drive.And after that click on “NEXT” button.

#7 After click on “NEXT” button all data will be search from your Flash drive which are deleted or formatted., and  again click on “NEXT” button after that your all data will be build which are search from flash drive. and after that click on “NEXT” button 

#8 Now you can see all deleted or formatted files which had been deleted accidentally, Now time to recover data or files . before doing this you will be select files which you want to Recover them.Also you can see a preview of deleted files, just right click on deleted files and click on preview. and after that click on “NEXT” button. 

#9  Now time to save deleted file. Before doing this select a path or folder directory  where you want to save the files or data. After that click on “NEXT” button.
#10 Now your all data are going to recover. 

Method #2 

Method #2 is the same as Method #1, in this method you can use Recuva tools for recover deleted data.

#1.  Download Recuva tool from here.
#2.  Install and run the application.
#3.  Choose the specific file. and click on Next button.
#4.  After that select the location of drive or folder, where you want search.  
#5.  And after that click on “Next” Button and Enable deep scan if u want to scan deeply and click on “Start” button.
#6.  After that scan will be start and file will be build.
#7.  Now check the file which you want to recover and click on “Recover” button.
#8.   Now time to save the file , first choose the location of path or folder where you want to save the file after that click “OK” button. 

In these two method I hope your all data has been recovered. and Now your feeling is good. Even if you have any problem then you can leave a comment below, we will get back to you immediately.So this is The How To Recover Deleted Files From Hard Disk If You like it Then Comment below