How To Use WhatsApp In PC Without Software (Latest) 2016-17

How To Use WhatsApp in PC Without Software 

Today Everyone use WhatsApp in their Android or iOS devices. But Do you know we all use whatsApp in our PC or Laptops.Are you Shocking??
But its true yeah we use WhatsApp In our PC or Laptops.but the question Arries how.And i will tell you one more most important thing.that everyone share with you How To use WhatsApp In PC.but that method is By Installing Software.Yeah, Its for all device like android, iphones,Windows phone,Nokia S6 etc.But Todays Tekgyd - WhatsApp Tricks 2015-16 Share with you How To Use WhatsApp In PC or Laptop Without Software.So lets Start !!

How To Use WhatsApp in PC Without Software 2015-16

#Steps To Use WhatsApp In PC Without Software 2015-16

#1. Connect Your phone in which you are using your current WhatsApp Account.
#2. Now As you are connected through PC or Laptop, You have to start/On you Data Connection Or Internet Connection.
#3. After You Go to the Any web browser of your PC or Laptop.
#4. Go To Web.WhatsApp.com 
#5. Then As the site is open you Find a QR Code.
#6. Scan that code with your Phone.
#7. As The code is scanned the go to your phones WhatsApp and choose Web Client Option.
#8. Now you can see your all conversation in your PC or Laptop easily.
#9. Dont Forget to Logout Your WhatsApp Account From PC. Go to Setting And Click on "Logout"

 By this Method you can use WhatsApp Account in your PC or Laptop easily.but you have to charge you internet as same as your Android,iphone,Mac Devices.But this Hack is very Good.

So above is all about How To Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop Without Any Software 2015-16. By this method you can easily Access your WhatsApp in you PC & Laptops without installing any additional Softwares.Hope you like the method, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if still facing problem.

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