(*Latest*) How To Enable Copy-Paste In Command Prompt Window

How To Enable Copy-Paste In Command Prompt 


Today I Am going to share with you a Best CMD Trick.There is by default no option of Copy Paste In CMD. And many of us users need this feature to save our time.So Tekgyd – Latest CMD Tricks 2015.So we’ll learn How to Enable Copy and paste Feature in command prompt(CMD).

Most Of the DOS commandscan’t be remembered and long commands may be mis typed easily. So the best way to type the commands is easy to do copy paste in cmd. So we call it as CMD Copy-Paste Tricks

How To Enable Copy-Paste In Command Prompt 

How to enable Copy-Paste Feature in CMD 

Method #1

#Steps To Enable Copy-Paste In CMD

#1. Firstly Open > Run. After opening Run Box. Type “CMD”. And Hit “Enter”

#2.  As The CMD open,click Right  click on CMD Window And Choose Properties Option From Pop-Up Menu.

#3. Now make sure that Options tab is selected and check Quick Edit Mode in the newly opened window.

#4. As the Quick Edit Mode is enabling Then  you can Easily copy text from anywhere and paste it in CMD Or You may call You enable CMD copy-paste trick.

#5. Now you just copy any CMD Commands from any source by using CTRL + C and just right click in CMD using your mouse. You’ll notice that the text is copied in your command prompt. The text is written as many times as you right click in Command prompt.

#6. Similarly to copy text from CMD, select the text and right-click using the mouse on selected text to copy it. Now you can paste the text in anywhere you want. 

Method #2

I Have an another way tocopy text from CMD without using Quick Edit Mode.
Normally I preffer this simple way. Because its too short and easy to use. For this, just right-click on the title bar of Command prompt,  Select Edit Menu and Tick it Else Say Mark It.

By These #CMD- Methodsyou can select text from the command prompt and copy it and paste it in any document. I hope you have understood How to enable feature copy paste incommand prompt. If you like this article, then feel free to share it with others.


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