Hey Guys, Here today I am going to share with you a most searched Hacking Trick ever.Yeah, most sites tell you Facebook Hacking Tricks, but that is never working at end point.and guys you evidently not satisfied. But today Tekgyd- Facebook Hacking Going to share with a Hacking trick Name Facebook Password Hacking Using Android or iPhones. Yeah, it’s Easy and working. Tested By me and I hack too many accounts using this hack.So let’s Start

Hack Facebook Password 2015-2016

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Latest Trick To Hack Facebook Account From Android Phones 2017

Most Frequently Questions Asked?

I received too many messages about Facebook hacking, phishing, keylogging, etc. Everyone said me too share facebook hacking trick.So I decided to give first the answers of question that they ask me.

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#1. Why Android Devices Use For Facebook Hacking?>– When hackers are starting Facebook hacking, hey just use packet sniffing by using PC or laptop running on Windows or Linux operating system. But now it can be done using any Android phone with root access.Now the question arrives in ll of the readers that what is Rooting? and why it needs? i ‘ll give you the answer in my next article.The main reason for using Android phone is simplicity. Its too as same as PC.It has same number of tools as PC/Laptop.But the main benfit of Smartphone is that when you are in anywhere have laptop or not but have smartphone then you can hack anyone facebook account easily.


#2. What is packet sniffing? How it does?iv>Okay this is not a Big Deal in hacking Fine, I am taking a best and a simple example for this..okay let us Consider two persons A and B using the same public WiFi network. The information sent and received between the device and WiFi hot-spot is done in the form of packets. These packets are not secured and can be access by any other device connected to same network. If Person A is using Facebook, his log-in credentials are sent in the form of packets which Person B can access and read them. In fact, Person B can modify them. Not only log-in credentials, everything you use within your browser can be seen and modified by anyone else as long as you are connected to that network.This the actually meaning of Packet Sniffing. if you now any query regarding packet sniffing. Free to ask me okay
#3. Android Smartphone needs any specification like RAM, ROM etc.?iv> Dear reader i amazed when everyone asked with me this question.then i thought i make the trick which used each and everyone to hack facebook account.No particular specifications are needed for your Android device or iphone to do this. But your device needs to be rooted. this the articlw which provides you to a breif and easy method of rooting”How to Root Any Android Device 2017-2018 “.
So lets Start Trick Its very Easy And Simple here we go to hack facebook account password in 2017

Method To Hack Facebook Account By Faceniff


 #1. Hack Facebook Account Using Faceniff Apk 2017-18

Faceniff (Rooted Phone) 

Yeah, now this app provides you to hack any facebook account easily.Faceniff is an application which is in .apk format. yeah, now you can use Faceniff in your PC in bluestack. Facenifft is used to hack Facebook accounts over WiFi now and then. Faceniff is slowly created to hack only Facebook accounts. Using Faceniff you can get user id and passwords of the people using Facebook in the same WiFi network.but the caution is hat the account your are going to hack is also in that same Wi-Fi Network.but dear readers your Phone must be rooted for this okay.
Now You all find Faceniff App . but no one teach you how to use Faceniff App For facebook Hacking 2015. Dont be panic Here Tekgyd tell you not a screenshot but luckily we are going to tech you with a video tutorial of Faceniff app for facebook hacking