Hack Friends WhatsApp Account 2016 - WhatsApp Working Hacks 2016

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Hack Friends WhatsApp Account 2016 
Hack WhatsApp Account 2016
Hack Friends WhatsApp Account 2016 
How to hack friends whatsapp Account- whatsapp is very commonly used social media tool.almost 95% of peoples in all over world use whatsapp. and today tekgyd presents a topic that how can u hack your friends whatsapp.by using this method you can easily hack anyone's of whatsapp.

Hack Friends WhatsApp Account 2016 

#Method - 1
Hack Friends WhatsApp Accounts 2016 

#Requirements -

#1. Few Minutes.

#2. Android Phone of your friend or victim.

Read More About - How Hackers Hack WhatsApp Account online 2016 So lets try to hack your friends whatsapp account 2016, just take out your few minutes from ur time. and take your friends phone or victims phone. now its your headache how you take your friends android phone.without rooting you can hack anyone account.

#Steps To Hack WhatsApp Messages 2016.

#1. First of all take your friend’s (Victims) Android phone.

#2. Now go to Victims SD card or in Internal Memory where Whatsapp folder located > WhatsApp > Database option.

#3. Now you have to find two files named -

#4.  Now copy these above two files from your friend’s (Victim) android phone.

After copying you have to transfer that files into your PC or your own phone. and then follow below steps to decode that codes.

#1. As you follow all above steps. now you have to decode that .crypt code.

#2. Open WhatsApp Encrypt.

#3.  As Your whatsapp crypt open > select Choose file.
#4. Now upload that copied file which u get from your victims android phone.
#5. Boom !! here now you read all message of ur victims

#Method - 2

How To Hack Your Friends WhatsApp Messages 2016

#1. Go and install the WhatsApp on your android phone.

#2. Get your victim's mobile and find the MAC address of your victims's phone. i.e. 34:3f:4a:46:a5:34 etc.See how to find MAC Address Of Android Phone.

#3.In Android Go to Settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address.

In iPhone Go to Settings > General > About > Wi-Fi Address.

In Windows phone Go to Settings > About > More info > MAC address.

In BlackBerry Phone Go to Options > Device > Device and Status info > WLAN MAC.

#4. Now find your own MAC address and replace your MAC with your victims MAC Address.

For example if your victim's MAC address is like 34:3f:4a:46:a5:34 , then you also have to replace your MAC address with victims MAC Address.

#5. Replacement of MAC address is not possible so you have to use MacDaddy X or WifiSpoof on iphone. OR 

For Android -

Install BusyBox - Download BusyBox.

Terminal Emulato - Download Emulato.

#6. Install whatsapp on your phone as you install normally and enter your victim's phone number.As u enter the verification code the whatsapp will run. 

#7. Now delete that verification message from your victim's phone.

#8. Now you can receive your victim's all messages not only receive you can also send messages from your phone.

So Above Is All About Hack Friends Whatsapp Account 2016.by using these two method you can easily hack or read and even freedom to send messages. Dont try to do and illegal thing.

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