How To Hack Wifi Password WPA/WPA2 & WPS in 1 Step – Wifi Hacking 2016

The Trending Topic of these days are Wifi Password Hacking, But many other Bloggers post About wifi password hacking in there long and toughest way. but today Tekgyd going to tech you How To Hack Wifi Password in Just 1 Minute.This method is only for PC not for android.In this simple method you can find wifi password.

Hack Wifi Password in 1 Minutes Latest Hacking tricks 2016
Hack Wifi Password WPA/WPA2 WPS in 1 Step-Wifi Hacking Tricks 2016- TekGyd

#How ToHack Wifi Password In Android Devices (ROOT)

– Know About WPS ?

WPS Stands WiFi Protected Setup. It is a easy and secure establishment of a wireless home network, created by the wifi affiliance and official Launched on January 8, 2007. It Would be break by brute-force attack by Black Hat Hacker.

Hack Wifi Password WPA/WPA2 WPS 2017

– Difference b/w WPA & WPA2- PSK ?

PSK Stands for Pre-Shared Key. it is a client authentication method that uses a plain English pass-phrases containing upto 133 characters to generate each encryption Key For different client in network.

WPA Stands For Wi-Fi Protected Access. with WPA-PSK you configure each WLAN node not an encryption key. WPA2 Addresses this problem with the introduction of AES Algorithm.WPA2 to be more than adequate for their security needs.
WPA2 is improved Version of WPA. WPA2 is not hackable while WPA is.All Content Is written by tekgyd. and powered by mukeshtricks4u.

Crack Wifi Password in Windows PC 2016

#How ToHack Wi-Fi Password From Android (WITHOUT Rooting)

Steps To Hack Wifi Password WPA/WPA2 WPS 2016 (LATEST) –

#1. Firstly Connect your wifi network ( doesnt matter if it is WPA or WPS).
#2. Go to control Panel. After that click on Network & Sharing Center.

Hack Wifi Password in Windows LATEST

#3. Do as shown in above Picture. then click on the network in which you are connected as shown as Tekgyd – All Tech Hacks like this.

Hack Wifi Password in windows in 1 step 2016

#4. Again follow the image, and click on network.and then there a dialoge box appears it shows about your Connected Wifi Speeds, Data, and many more. then click on  Wireless Properties.

Hack Wifi Password in windows 7,8,8.1,10 wifi hacking

#5. As the your wireless properties are open then just click on “Security”.

Hack Wifi Password WPA/WPS in 1 minutes LAtest 2016

#6. Boom !! Now You see the security key of the wifi network. click on show characters. and Enjoy Wifi Hacking.

Hack Wifi Password using windows 2016 Latest Hacking Tricks

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