Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Hello tekgyd readers today i am share best root apps for rooted android phone.So, We are sharing the collection of best android apps, which is most downloaded last year. These apps are simply made to unlock the true potential of your android rooted device.

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Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.Rooting your phone creates a pathway in your phone system which is accessible by you and you can make changes to your phone, even you can change system files. But it voids your warranty which you can get back by flashing stock ROM. (Stock ROM is the android version of your phone that comes when you buy your brand new phone). So, simply check out best root apps.

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Some Of Best Root Apps

1.Rom Toolbox

Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Rom Toolbox is all in one utility app for android.This android app gives you lots of customizations. Rom toolbox gives you lots of tools like custom boot animation,app manager,root explorer ,terminal,build.prop.editor,set cpu and lots of more. You found lots of rooted android apps in one app.So this is one of the best rooted android app.

2.Xposed Framework

Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Xposed framework make your phone better in every side like features,look and feel.Xposed Android Framework give you feel like custom rom experiance. Xposed framework change your components of android system directory. If you don't like changes remove this things,this is temporary change your rom.

Xposed Framework has lots of modules so you download modules of your choice and enjoy with rooted android phone

Download Xposed framework

Download Xposed Modules 

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3. Greenify

Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Greenify is best root app 2016, which every rooted android mobile must have installed in it.When, we talk about best root apps, than its not possible to forget this app. This app can hibernate apps, which are running in background uselessly without any purpose and simply eating battery life of your android device as well as its performance.

Some of best features of Greenify Best Root app are listed below:

  • Hibernate apps which are running in background uselessly.
  • Can save a lot of battery juice.
  • Can increase performance of android mobile to great extent.

4.AD Block Plus
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Adblock plus block all type of android ads in android mobile. This is one os the best android app for removing ads in android mobile.

5.Root Uninstaller
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Root uninstaller removes android preinstalled android apps . Root uninstaller can remove bloatware of android phone. So this is best app to get rid of system android apps.

6.Root Browser
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Root browser is top root app of the year 2016, and even listed in a list of best root apps 2016, due to its amazing features.This app helps you access your system menu which you can’t access. Its really helpful like if you want to make a change to build.prop it will allow you to help you.

Some of best feature of root browser
  • Enables to access root directory.
  • Can act as Text editor as well.
  • You can edit any system file of Rom easily.

7. Xposed Installer Best Rooted App 2016
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Xposed Installer is one of best rooted app 2016.This is another app which is equal to rooting your phone. This app installs the internal binary to your phone which can change you notification bar looks, your settings, apply themes to your rom and change almost anything on your phone. You can download from xda. Though, this is best root app, but still this app is available for free from the Google Play Store.No wonder this app is one of best root apps for rooted android mobiles 2016.

8.Gravity Box Best Root app 2016
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

This best root app is the heart of rooted android mobile, who want to customize their phone and move it to next level. Gravity Box is basically one of best root app which can work only when Xposed Installer is working.This app requires Xposed installer installed. It can make changes to you phone buttons, add navigation bar, change the notification bar, change lock screen, add wallpaper to lock screen and many more awesome things

9. Xui Mod Top root app 2016
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

Xui Mod is one of best root app 2016.We have listed this app on Rank 3 in list of best Root apps 2016, as this app is awesome for users, who love to play with interface of their android smartphone.This is awesome app that changes you scrolling type and add many awesome animations to it. The pop up that appear on screen it changes even their animations.

Best features of this best root app:

  • Make clock center
  • Make status bar gradient
  • Change animation
  • Can make your navigation bar and status bar transparent of your rooted android mobiles.
  • Much more.
10. DPI Changer Latest Root app 2016
Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone 2016

DPI Changer is one of top root app 2016.This best root app basically changes the PPI or DPI of your screen, according to your requirements. It somehow enhances the visuals according to you to the great level. This app is must have app for users who want to play games on different resolution.

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So all of above is related to Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Phone . Hope you like this and if you have any query then comment below


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