Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Hello guys today i am share some android hidden tricks. In this post i will tell you the best hidden android tricks 2016.Their is lot of features which will be unlocked when we root our android phone.Get Latest Tricks and hacks –Best Hidden Android Tricks And Hacks.

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Top Android Hidden Tricks for Your Android Mobile Phone

1.How We Can Reduce Battery Consumption
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

You can minimize your battery power consumption using the cool trick in developer mode explained in steps below.

Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
Scroll down and there look for Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

Now adjust the scale and better is to select the 0.5x in all the above options.

2.Run Kali Linux on Android Mobile Device
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

 Kali is one of the best penetration operating system that running on Linux. Now you can run Kali Linux on your android phoneand turn your android mobile device into a hacking machine. Just Download Linux Deploy App from Google Play Store and Follow Below Guide for running and installing Kali Linux in android mobile phone.

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3. Mirror Your Android Mobile Screen to PC

Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

You wanna see your android mobile screen to your windows pc, Download Airdroid , Teamviewer, Quicksupport and All Cast android app from Google Play Store. Now you can see your android mobile screen to any desktop or laptop

4.Make Your Device Awake while Charging

Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Go to Settings -> Developer Options.

Tap on Stay Awake to tick it.
This will enable the phone to not off the screen unless you do so.

5. Display CPU Usage Overlay

Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Need to keep an eye on the CPU usage of your device? There is a way to get an overlay to show the processes that are currently being use by your CPU. To display CPU usage, follow the tips below. (Note that this shouldn’t be turned on all the time – as the number of processes increase, it minimises the space you can see in your screen).

  • Head to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Tick on Show CPU Usage to enable it.
  • You will see an overlay of your current CPU Usage on the right side of the screen.
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6. See Hidden WiFi Signal in Your Android Phone
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Download inSSIDer app from Google Play in your android phone and you can see hidden wifi signal or hidden ssid name in your android mobile device. inSSIDer show you all wifi detailed report with so much information

7. Switch Dalvik To ART
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Art is a new experimental runtime by Google that is supposed to replace Dalvik in the near future as it is faster. If you want to test run ART on your device, you will need an Android device running at least Kit Kat 4.4 and above. To set this up:

  • Head to Settings > Developer options.
  • Tap on Select runtime and choose Use ART.
  • Note that ART is still experimental and not many apps support it, hence it may turn your device slower. If you experience this, switch back to Dalvik.
8. Control PC from Android Mobile Smartphone
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Splashtop 2 is one of my favourite and best app for controlling windows pc from android phone. You can also see your windows pc screen in your android mobile display. Try this app in your android phone and believe me guys , this is one of the most amazing android app in Google Play Store. You can also play PC Games in android phone from Splashtop Games app.

9. Transfer Android Mobile to PC from WiFi Wirelessly
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Everybody want modern and smart in life. Now you can share android mobile files, photos and videos to your window pc wirelessly from using WiFi. Download Airdroid App  from google play store and you can share your all android mobile files to your pc wirelessly.

10. Know How Many People in Your WiFi Network
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Wanna know how many people connected in your wifi network. Download Fing Android App from google play store. You can see every user mac address and ip address from this app and know many exact people use your wifi network in real time. 

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11. Turn Your Android Mobile Camera into a Security Surveillance Camera
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Want some security gadgets like security cam for your house. Now you turn your old android phone into a ip webcam from IP Webcam appThis app turns your android phone into a surveillance camera and you can see your camera screen to your window pc.

12. Solve Math Problems from Just taking Picture from Android Mobile
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

Best android tricks for any mobile and also help students. You can solve your math problems from android mobile from just taking picture. You don't need to type anything in your android mobile and this things saves your lots of time. Download Photomath app from Google Play Store and solve math problems from your android phone camera.

13. Enable Wireless Display Certifications
Latest Android Hacks And Tricks 2016

This option is only useful if you own a Miracast-ready display (or something else of a similar technology), to transmit your Android content to your TV. To watch Youtube videos on your Miracast-ready display, you will need to enable Wireless Display Certifications. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings > Developer options.
  • Then look for Wireless display certification and tick it.

So all of above related to android hacks and tricks.Hope you like this.If you have any query then comment below.


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