15 Steps To Become A Hacker ( Beginners )

15 Steps To Become A  Hackers ( Beginners )

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Hello tekgyd readers today i will show you how to become a hacker. Having a good understanding of a computer, its components, and how it works is essential for anyone, not just hackers.

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15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

A hacker is a term that first started being used in the 1960s and described a programmer or someone who hacked computer code. Later the term evolved into an individual who had an advanced understanding of computers, networking, programming, or hardware, but did not have any malicious intents.

15 Steps To Be A Hacker

1. Learn Unix & Linux

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Unix/Linux is an open source operating system which provides better security to computer system. LINUX is an open platform OS that has been built to render tighter security to computers and computer networks. The operating system is a product from the AT & T labs. You may download it from one of the myriad websites where LINUX is available for free. Learning LINUX also marks the beginning of your career as a hacker

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Unix is the operating system of the Internet. While you can learn to use the Internet without knowing Unix, you can’t be an Internet hacker without understanding Unix. For this reason, the hacker culture today is pretty strongly Unix-centered. A Unix like Linux can run alongside Microsoft Windows on the same machine. 

2.Code in C Language

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

If you plan to make it big into hacking, you cannot do without the C language. LINUX operating system is thoroughly encrypted with C language. This makes C a very powerful language when compared to other languages used for programming. Master hackers are primarily masters of the C language. The plus side is that C language is fairly easy to learn. Aside, once you get a hang of the language, there is no limit to innovation.C programming is basics of learning LINUX/ UNIX.

3. Learn To Code In Others Languages

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

 It is important for a person in the hacking field to learn more then one programming. Once you have mastered the C language, you will have a fair idea of how things work in the world of hacking. This is the optimum time of accelerate and stretch your reach. For this, it is advisable that you try your hand at other languages. A decent command over languages like C++, Python and JAVA only broaden your scope as a hacker. There are numerous online tutorials and e books that can help you get started.

4. Learn Network Concepts

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

 Important and essential step to be a hacker is to be good at networking concepts and understanding how the networks are created. Networking is one of the elementary concepts of hacking. You not only need to be good at networking, but you also need to understand the basics of network creation. The differences between the different operating systems need to be very clear. Learning concepts like TCP/IP, UDP will allow you to exploit the lacunae in the system that you want to intrude upon. Another important part of the gamble is to understand concepts like VPN, WAN and VPN. Developing knowledge about different types of Firewalls is another must.

For jobs like network scanning and packet analyzing, it is important to bear clear understanding of classified networking tools like NMAP
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5.Broaden your reach of operating systems

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

To be an accomplished hacker, it is more than essential to learn more than one operating system. If you were in the dark until now, it is handy to learn that Windows and LINUX are not the only Operating Systems available in the market. There are several other Operating Systems that you may learn to become a better hacker. All these systems have certain loop holes, which you, as a hacker should be able to exploit.

It is essential for an hacker to learn more than one operating system . Every system has a loop hole, hackers need to exploit it.

6.Learn More And More About Hacking 

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Once you are done with the basics of the hack-learn classes, it is time to take the bigger plunge. Delve deep into the hacking sea. The internet is floating with a large spill of tutorials, e books and expert videos on hacking. To your utter surprise, you will find most of these for free. As new system updates trigger security changes by the minute, learning never ceases for a hacker. Stay updated to reap maximum benefit.

7.More Experiments

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

After learning some concepts ,sit and practice them.If you are a hacker, there should not be a limit to experimentation. If you learn one new concept in a day, it will go wasted if you do not practice them on the same day. If so required, set up a small lab in the study and gather all equipment and devices you require. A high configuration computer system is the right place to start. You could need a powerful RAM and a processor that can handle enough burden. You should continue to test and learn until the first system is breached.

8.Start writing vulnerability programs

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

As a hacker, you will have to look for vulnerabilities in a system. A vulnerability is what we popularly call the open door, or lacuna, or loop hole in a system. For most common vulnerabilities, you will find a pre-written code on the internet. If you happen to come across a novel vulnerability, it is a given that you will have to write a new vulnerability code. Once you succeed in doing this, there are two advantages to reap. Firstly, you will have access to a new system. On the flip side, you may also share or sell the code on a privately secured marketplace

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9.Make Open Source Contribution

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Also important in hacking is to establish your reputation as a hacker. To start with, you can start contributing to some of the open source security projects. Contributing in such projects also gives you the opportunity to polish and test your hacking skills. Organizations like APACHE and Mozilla offer some very streamlined projects wherein you may contribute. Even if it is a small contribution that you make, it adds great value to your resume.

Apart from all the steps mentioned here, hacking is basically a learning game. You will have to continue to learn from wherever you can. One of the best ways to do so is to join online communities where you can meet other hackers. Share what you have learnt with other members of the community and you receive ample knowledge in return.

10.Learn Cryptography

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

To become a successful hacker you need to master the art of cryptography. Encryption and decryption are important skills in hacking. Encryption is widely done in several aspects of information of system security authentication , confidentiality and integrity of data. Information on a network is in encrypted from such as password. While hacking a system these encryption codes need to be broken, which is called decryption

11.Continue Never Ending Learning

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Learning is the key to success in the world of hacking. continue learning and practicing will make you best hacker in the world. Keep yourself updated about security changes and learn about new ways to exploit system.

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12.Join Discussion And Meet Hackers

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Most imp for a hacker is to make a community or join forums, discussion with other hacker world wide so that they can exchange and share that knowledge and work as team. Join facebook  group related to hacking where you can get more from experts.

13.Most Important Step To Secure Yourself From Being Hacked

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Before starting into hacking stuff, it is important to secure yourself from being caught or being hacked by using a VPN or other methods

14. Try to make tools with python

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

Python is a widely used programming language, you can use python for making your own hacking tools, or other programming languages in which you are good, but python is the most preferred language used by hackers for making hacking tools

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15. Spend A Lot Of Time With Hacking And Programming

15 Steps To Become A  Hacker ( Beginners )

The more time you spend with hacking or programming, the more you’ll become stronger

So spend at least 4 to 5 hours daily.

So all of above is related to how to become a hacker. Hope you like this . If you have an query then comment below.

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