Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

Hello tekgyd reader today i am share 12 tips for increasing broadband speed. There is nothing more annoying then your broadband suddenly slowing down while you're streaming your favorite TV show. Here's how you can bring things back up to speed.

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List Of 12 Tips

TIP 1: Determine your actual connection speed
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

Before you start, you need to know what speed you are achieving and online speed tests can be very inaccurate. You can find this information by connecting to your modem via your browser

TIP 2: Update your browser
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

There are updates being made all the time to browsers, so using the latest version should always greatly reduce the time it takes to surf and download web pages. If your browser is consistently clunky, consider switching software altogether. For example, Internet Explorer users might get an instant boost by switching to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

TIP 3: Reposition your router

The position of your router can have a significant effect on the quality of your wireless connection. Place it in an area where the signal will be affected by as few obstructions and little interference as possible. For example, away from appliances which emit wireless signals (e.g. cordless phones, baby monitors) and avoiding barriers (such as walls and doors) between the router and your computer. Ideally, it should be positioned up high – on a bookshelf for example.

TIP 4: Check your Wi-Fi settings
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

Your router has lots of different settings that can affect your wireless broadband signal that can be tweaked and adjusted to help get the best speeds. For example, making sure you use a different wireless channel to your neighbours can reduce interference and drop speeds for both of you. Check your manual for instructions on how to adjust these settings.

TIP 5: Secure your network
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

If you have wireless broadband, the first and foremost thing you should do is secure your wireless network. If you are unwittingly sharing your connection with unauthorised users then they will be using up valuable bandwidth. This means that the speed of your connection and download allowance could take a battering, not to mention the security threat this poses.

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TIP 6: Use less bandwidth
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

There are many applications (such as Windows Updates or Skype) that may discreetly start running when you log in to your computer and these may slow your connection down without you even realising. Set these applications so they don't run automatically – this should reduce your bandwidth overhead and make a noticeable difference to your connection speed. Find out what’s running on a PC by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Delete to bring up your task manager.

TIP 7: Fit an iPlate
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

If you can’t get anywhere with your speed, fitting a BT iPlate (around £5) is an option for you. Also known as a broadband accelerator, this connects to your phone socket and gets rid of a lot of the potential interference in there. In some cases an iPlate can boost broadband speed by 60 per cent – although there is no guarantee with this.

TIP 8: Expand your wireless network
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

If you're having trouble with wireless, you could invest in a wireless repeater. These improve your wireless range, bouncing the signal over a larger area. You could also add a power line adapter. These use the wiring in your house to send a Wi-Fi signal around. Wherever you have a free plug socket, you'll be able to position a wireless hotspot. This is a significantly more expensive option, but is often much more effective.

TIP 9: Stop Using Wireless
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

A wireless connection will always be slower than a wired one. When you set up a wireless network, you should expect a bit of a drop in speed – no problem for people with fast connections, but for those whose broadband moves like an exhausted snail, it may not be the best choice. So try connecting directly via ethernet cable if you can. You'll likely find speeds better – and if you don't, it implies that the problem may be with your provider, not your equipment.

TIP 10: Traffic jams
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

The time of day at which you go online can greatly affect connection speeds. When lots of people are trying to access the internet at the same time there is increased traffic on the physical phone lines and also each website's servers. Heaviest traffic is usually in the evenings, so to benefit from the fastest speeds you should try to surf when internet traffic is low, generally in the day time or very late at night. If you have heavy downloading to do, you will get the fastest download speeds during off-peak periods.

TIP 11: Ensure you have an NTE5 BT master socket installed. 
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

Many properties, particularly older ones, may not have a proper BT master socket installed, limiting your options to improve broadband speed since you cannot fit a faceplate (described in Tip 12, below). We recommend having one fitted.

TIP 12: Fit a filtered faceplate
Best 12 Tips For Increasing Broadband Speed

A filtered faceplate (costing less than £10) can substantially increase broadband speeds, particularly if you have telephone extension sockets in your home. The filters faceplate fits on the NTE5, and ensures that your broadband signal is not carried around your house.

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So all of above is related to 12 tips for increasing speed of broadband.Hope you like this and if you have any query then comment below.


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