Best Hacks To Increase Instagram Followers in 2016

Latest Tricks To Increase Instagram Followers in 2016

Hello Tech Readers, today tekgyd will teach you how to increase instagram followers. I don't know why peoples think that increasing of instagram followers is by fake instagram followers site. instead of using those fake followers site, Let me tell you first about all about instagram followers. these followers are real not fake.These ways are very easy to hack followers,In this article you are going to discover How To Increase Instagram Followers 2016 in a 100% ethical and non-spammy way and also about how to track instagram followers and also how and where to buy instagram followers. 

About Instagram?

Instagram is an amazing social network, and for sharing photos and videos. Instagram is getting more popular day by day. Instagram has 150 million active users (60% outside the US), 60 billion total photos posted, 1.2 billion Likes per day, 55 million photos uploaded per day. That’s why you should start using it and get more and more followers to grow your business and also to get more popular.

How To Increase Instagram Followers in 2016 - Ethical Method

In this article i will show you how to increase instagram follower instantly and fastly. 

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#1. Complete Your Profile

First thing is to get more free instagram followers is to complete your profile. Complete your bio add up your intrest, about. Always provide your information because people never want yo follow fake personality. So, it’s better to fill up your geniue info on instagram.

#2. Post Awesome Photos and Videos

If wanna increase your followers the best way is to post AWESOME photos and videos. People generally post only photos but believe me if you will post some funny or informative video then you will definitely get more like and also more followers on instagram because More Likes = More Followers.

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#3. Use Popular Tags

Well, if you are not using the #Tags then you will never get more  free instagram followers. Because just like with Twitter and other social sites, instagram users prefer certain tags over others. Here is list of popular tags that you should use when you post photos or videos to increase instagram followers.


How To Increase Likes On Facebook 2016

#4. Post At Right “Time

The “Time” is the real key factor. Post according to the time zone of your followers. Mostly people uses instagram on morning or at night the best time to  post is on Wednesdays between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Because in this time the most of people active and the usually likes your pics and will post more comments which will help you to increase your  followers.

#5. Connect your Instagram account with Facebook

Well… this is great way to increase your instagram followers instantly. About 76% of facebook user uses Instagram so connecting your account with facebook will definitely helps you to increase your followers. Follows your facebook friends and they will follows you back !!

#6. Likes Other people’s Photos and Videos

For every one hundred likes I did on random photos of other users (whom I didn’t follow), I generated 21.7 likes on my photos and 6.1 more followers. I did not have to follow people back for this to work.

#7. Ask Questions in Photo Captions

A simple and effective way to receive more likes on your photos is to simply ask a question in the photo’s caption. Not only will this increase your amount of likes, it can increase comments. And, as we’ve mentioned numerous times already, engagement is the best way to increase the amount of followers on Instagram.

#8. Don’t Post Too Much !!

Generally people thinks that posting too much will helps them to increase instagram followers. But the truth is that posting too much will leads to loose your followers. My advice is post frequently and post only attractive quality photos or videos if wanna attract and to increase your followers.

#9. Host And Take Part In Contests

Taking part in contest will helps to increase followers instantly. Because the contest hoster have many followers if you post your unique and attractive photo then you are going to get free instagram followers in bulk 😀 The another way is to also host photos contest if your having more then 1000 followers. Your followers will not only take part in contest they will also share your account so that they can get enough like to win. More Share = More Followers

#10. Use  Apps

Use photo-editing apps to enhance your photos before you post them on Instagram which will attract people and this will also helps you to increase instagram followers There are a lot of easy to use photo editing apps on the market. Below are a few of the best apps :

- InstaSize Download  : Google Play Store 

- HDR Fx Pro Download : Google Play Store

- InstaFrame Download : Google Play Store 

- VSCO Cam  Download : Google Play Store

So, this is all about How To Increase Instagram Followers 2016 edition, track instagram followers.  I hopes this article helped you a lot and also saves your money to buy instagram followers. Use above methods to get real instagram followers. Don’t be selfish. Share this article with your friends.  


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