How To Hack iPhone 6s Passcode 2017

How To Unlock iPhone 6S Passcode 2017

Hello TekGyd Readers today we are going to show you How To Hack iPhone 6s Here is the best iPhone 6s hacking tricks which tells you how to unlock iphone 6s passcode 2017.Through this trick or method you can easily hack or bypass the iphone 6s lock screen.Mainly the process of hacking is more diificult in apple iphone but now you can bypass iPhone lock screen passcode by using iphone 6s hacking tricks. Hacking is now also possible in iphone 6s through some hidden hacks which helps to hack or bypass phone 7 lockscreen.Learn about the unlock iPhone 6s passcode 2016

How To Hack iPhone 6s Passcode 2016

How To Unlock iPhone 6S Passcode 2016

These are the best iphone 6s hacking tricks which helps you to hack and bypass iphone 6S lock screen.These are the steps listed below:-

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Steps To Bypass iPhone 6S Lock Screen:-

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Using iCloud

Using this method you can easily restore your iPhone and unlock your passcode. Actually, this is an amazing feature of iOS devices. It’s also very helpful when you lost your phone. You can reset all your valuable data remotely and many more.

Note – If you’ve enabled Find My Phone feature on your iOS device then this method can work.

1. Go to this iCloudon your PC.

2. After This a screen that appears the sign in information. You have to sign in using your Apple id and password.

3. You have to Click all devices and then select any of device like iphone,ipad,iphone touch whose data you want to erase.

4. Now Click on ERASE.That will erase your desired iphone device and its pass code.

5. After this you need to restore your device with the most recent backup and then it will take some time to complete data back excluding passcode.

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Unlock iPhone Passcode-Using iTunes

1. Firstly you have to Connect your iOS device with the computer which you normally use to access iTunes.

2. Now it will automatically sync your iPhone and will create a backup of all your data.

3. After you need to restore your iPhone.

4. Now after restoring it will show you different backups of your device. You have to choose the most recent backup.

5.After completion of this formalities like syncing and restoring you will able to use your iphone without the iphone’s passcode. Now enjoy the iphone’s trick

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Using Recovery Mode

 1. Hold Sleep/Wake button and then tap on Power Off option.

2.Now, you need to Press and Hold Home button and at the same time plug in your device with your computer then your device will be automatically turned on.

3. Don’t release the Home button until you see option that, Connect to iTunes.

4. Then iTunes will prompt message that it has detected a device, you need to tap on OK.

5. Then, restore your device with the same steps.

Above post is on how to unlock iphone 6s passcode which helps you in unlocking the lockscreen or hack iphone main lockscreen passcode. if you have any query do comment below.


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