Top 10 Best Android Security Apps of 2017 (*Trending*)

Best Android Security Apps: Google says that there are approximately 1.4 billion Android users by now. Hackers love getting into these huge number of active platforms and to have an access to the data on these Android devices. Hence to protect your data and privacy from hackers and also from various viruses, there are some security apps listed below which will do the work for you.

 Top 10 Best Android Security Apps of 2017 (*Trending*)
So here is a list of such security apps which are great to have on your device.

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#1 AVAST Mobile Security and Antivirus:
 Its antivirus engine automatically scans installed apps and memory content. It also features scheduled automatic scans for you to scan data for complete mobile protection. It provides firewall exclusively for rooted devices which prevents hackers from getting into your device. It enables app locking for two apps in the free version and unlimited apps in its premium version. AVAST is combination of features such as virus scanner, virus remover, app manager, app locker etc.
#2 Norton Security and Antivirus:
It performs its basic function of protecting the device from any threat very efficiently. It’s mind-blowing feature is that you can use SMS to remotely lock you lost or stolen device. You can keep a check on the apps by scanning them from time to time and eliminate the apps causing harm to your device. You can also monitor your battery consumption using this app.
#3 Kaspersky Security and Antivirus: 
You can easily scan and remove the threats such as virus, malware, spyware on your device. Personal data and privacy of yours can be protected using this app. Also, you can block unwanted calls or SMSs. A separate list of dangerous links and sites can be formed in order to protect you device from unwanted threats. In case your device is lost, you can remotely turn on the alarm, lock and locate your device, wipe out your data and also take mugshots of the person using your device.
#4 360 Security -Antivirus: 
It is a speed booster and security app along with an antivirus engine. It keeps your device safe from malware, trojans, viruses etc while optimizing you background apps, junk files and battery usage. The ‘smart battery saver’ feature tracks high usage apps and conserves battery power. Its anti-theft solution includes tools to erase, locate, lock, alarm and protecting data which can be triggered remotely using its web interface.
#5 Clean Master (Boot and Antivirus):
The key features of this app include scan for viruses, clear junk, boost RAM and save battery. The 1 tap boost shortcut increases the speed of your device considerably. You can scan your system, preinstalled apps, user installed apps using its antivirus engine to protect your device from threats including malware, spyware, viruses etc. Cooling down of CPU can be done by tracking and shutting down overheating apps to extend the battery life.

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#6 AVG Antivirus: 
This security app cleans as well as protects your device from viruses. You can scan websites for dangerous links and also you games, apps and files for viruses or any other threats as it has a dual-engine antivirus. Also you can monitor your battery consumption and enable power saver. You can locate your device on google maps, erase your data, mugshot the user, lock your device when the SIM card is replace using AVG’s remote management console or SMS in case your device is stolen or lost.
#7 CM Security Applock Antivirus:
 You can mugshot the person who enters a wrong password on your device, you will be notified on your email. App lock is available to protect your chats from other people, notifications of private texts will be hidden from notifications bar. One can also use ‘no image mode’ which reduces data consumption and the load on the website. Its antivirus engine is a contribution of both local and cloud engines. The app developers claim this app to be 500% faster than other antivirus apps.
#8 SUPO Security -Antivirus and Boost: 
This app comes with an antivirus scanner, applock, booster and battery saver. Its antivirus engine is powered by both local and cloud engines. Threats can be kept at away using its antivirus engine. You can protect your chats and games from slipping into the wrong hands by locking them up. CPU temperature can be dropped by closing overheating apps. Background apps can be killed at once to free the RAM and make the device run smoother using this app.
#9 Mobile Security and Antivirus: 
The features of this app are include scanning your device for threats, scan for user installed apps or files. Its anti-theft features are very useful as they consist of taking pictures through front or rear camera, on screen message for device finders, relaying the current location if the device when the battery goes to a critical stage, listing of IP addresses of the devices to which it was connected if marked missing.

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#10 Antivirus and Mobile Security:
It comprises of antivirus scanning, call and SMS blocking and personal security. Scanning provides 2 options which are quick scan and custom scan. The schedule scan feature is quite unique and highly customizable. You can lock and wipe your data remotely and also track your device in case it has been lost or stolen. Calls and messages filter allows you to block unwanted calls and SMSs. The personal security feature keeps sending SOS messages with current location to predetermined number in case of emergency.

Conclusion: These were some of the best Android security apps which will help you a lot to scan your device for threats, boost your RAM and device, protect your data from unwanted people and also block unwanted calls and SMSs.

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