Top 15 Websites to Spend Time and Learn Many Things for Free

There are numerous websites available on the internet and these websites contain enough data which might take days to go through a small part of it. There are various websites which provide the best stories, jokes, videos, articles etc. Following are some websites which you might find interesting to spend your time on. You can also bookmark these cool websites to check on regular basis or according to your convenience.

Top 15 Websites to Spend Time and Learn Many Things for Free


This site contains thousands of educational videos. It covers every topic you can think of! The most amazing part is that all its content is free to watch and learn.


This site offers speeches and presentations of personalities from the top in their profession. These presentations are inspiring, provoking and very effective.


This is the best site to spend time training your brain with a variety quizzes, puzzles, etc. Not everyone might love this site but, those who do will stick to it forever!


Just as the name suggests, you will find ways to improve your daily life. It is a great site to check!


Learn coding easily using this site. You can learn HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, jQuery, ruby and much more. It is one of the best site to learn coding!


This site provides a social cooking adventure! It has over 48331 foodies. You can sign up and become a part of this amazing site.


This website is basically a map which indicates which places can be of your help during a zombie outbreak.


The name of the site says it all. You will find great dating tips here.


You can learn about different types of drugs and their effects on humans.


This site recommends videos on topics which are worth giving a thought on. Unlike the tv sets which show all useless stuff.


Documentaries are available to stream for free.


Most of the people often use this site to get their doubts and queries cleared. It is a community of intellectuals.


It is a huge site where people submit their content, discuss over it and vote on it.


You can watch your favourite stars and constellations using this site.


This site is useful for readers as it contains short stories.

These are some of the best sites to spend time on. You won’t be able to keep track of time once you are stuck in any of these sites.

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