Why Are You Paying For Facebook Without A Mobile Tracker Like App?

Facebook is free. Or is it? In reality, business owners of all shapes and sizes pay a huge price for this Social Network. You may not even use it for marketing or personal purposes and yet there is still a huge price tag for every man or woman who has employees.
You see, an average American spends about two hours on Facebook per day. That would be fine if the blue giant were used me personal time. But, in reality, 38 minutes of that time are used during working hours. Apply some basic math, and you’ll get 29 days per year. If we are counting 8-hour work shifts, that is.

That’s an entire vacation you pay for. If you have ten employees, you are wasting ten months worth of man-hours to Facebook alone. Bummer!
Needles to say you aren’t only losing a paycheck but also new opportunities that could have been won as well as you are missing on deadlines for projects that can cost millions in the making and a single delay on a competitive market can make or break your release.

Is there a way out?

Of course, there is – you can install software that’s inspired by facebook spy app for android. These kinds of apps log everything done on a PC by your employees. You get the full picture of documented files, typed text, browser history and even screenshots of whatever a person sees on the monitor.

How amazing is that?

In other words, you gain:

• Security. All of the files in your network are protected. That noted, you also know who and when uses any given file. If an action like upload, download or editing took place – you will know!

• Performance. You don’t only get to know what people are doing – you are also aware of how they are doing the task at hand. This means you will monitor if industry standards and best practices are In use and applied to every activity. You will also have solid data that indicated where your team needs more coaching and training.

• Productivity. People will be motivated to do the work you pay them for instead of browsing Facebook once they know you, their manager and leader, are aware of everything they do.

• Loyalty. People will not be communicating with HR managers or recruiters from other companies. If a person would desire to leave your team, you will know about these intentions in advance and will manage to prepare a decent, actionable plan for replacement.
Tracking software isn’t that expensive. Additionally, you can save up to 60% on it if you choose the yearly plan over the monthly payment option.
A trial is also present for you to sink your feet into the waters of unrivaled management and performance. Just give it a try and you’ll never understand how you managed to work without a logger before.
Site: Hoverwatch.com

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