Top 10 Best Video Players For Your Android Smartphone

We are living in a world of technology. And we are surrounded by technologies from a simple pin to giant machines. But the best gift from the technology is Android. As the whole world is connected through this best technology, so it has become the most commonly used all over the globe. Also, android has taken the place of T.Vs and computers as almost all the functions can be don on the android. So when you need to watch videos on the android, you want a best video player which can give you best viewing experience. You would also want to have the best android video player which supports good quality of subtitles, good sound, supports high-resolution videos and also provides you a wide variety of video file format.

Top 10  Best Video Players For Your Android 2017

We have pick Top 10 Best Video Players For Android to give you a review of which video player you should download for your Android.

1. AC3 Player

The AC3 code is the main problem that all android users face. So, the need is to find a video player which supports this code. AC3 player allows you to play the AC3 code without any additional plugins or downloads. It also supports subtitles, playback speed control and a sleep timer also. It is the simplest of the video players available on the app store.

2. BS Player

This Video player has been in the list of one of the best video players of all time. The features of the BS Player are multi-core hardware decoding, hardware accelerated playback and support for streaming from network(DLNA) devices. It also have additional plugins for the better support  and has the ability to play the files which have compressed formats.

3.  mVideo Player

As we know, not all the people like advanced video players. mVideo player is one of the simplest video players specially designed for the likes of simpler version. This video player doesn’t have much scope but supports subtitles and playback.

4.  KM Player

KMplayer is also in the category of best video player as it supports variety of video file formats. It also provides you some extra features like library view and cloud storage support. This video player also supports a wide range of file formats, subtitles, playback controls etc.

5. QQ Player

It would be very cool if you can hide your private videos with password , right ? The QQ Player allows you to hide videos in a private locker and you can set a password so no one else can open those. It supports almost all the formats of videos, gestures, subtitles and also it can switch between multiple audio tracks.

6. Mobo Video Player Pro

Mobo Player also has the feature of hiding the videos as QQ Player. But, the additional feature is that it can easily organise and scan the videos from the storage. You don’t need to search every folder to look for a particular video. It also provides you a very good grid interface for the collection  of your videos.

7. VPlayer

Without being supported by many devices and having few basic features among the other video players, VPlayer is one of the rare video players available which support true Hardware Playback option. It can play all kind of common video formats. Also, it has a HD video playback feature for dual/quad-core devices. It has the ability to serve graphics in very detail and consumes less battery.

8. MX Player

MX Player is the best ever video player app. It supports the maximum number of video formats than any other video player. It has the unique feature of hardware decoding and hardware accelerated playback. It also has the feature of gesture control, screen lock, supports subtitles and almost every codec.

9. VLC

VLC has been constantly climbing up the list of top video players. It can play the stream video through the URL and also the videos having obscure video formats(DVD ISOs). You don’t need to download any additional plug-ins as it already have built in codecs. It also includes the features of support for subtitles, full media support( audio and video), multi-track audio and many more.

10. Wondershare Player

The last name on our list is Wondershare player having some unique features than other video players. Including the stored videos, it also plays the streaming videos. It also allows you to watch videos on sites like YouTube, Vevo, TED, ESPN and Hulu(only in US). It has some more awesome features if you use the Wondershare desktop app.

So, this was the list that we have prepared for you to download the best video player for your android. We tried to cover up all the requirements of the users. For any suggestions and queries, please leave a comment below.

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