Rocket VPN Review: Enjoy Complete Internet Freedom

Your privacy over the internet is a myth. You may not believe it, but you are never safe while surfing on the web. Your network is constantly monitored by the hackers and intruders who are trying to break through the firewall and steal your valuable data. But you can prevent this using a VPN. A VPN is a group of secure servers that lets you browse anonymously without revealing your identity to the outside world.

Though you may find a number of VPNs for desktops, but it’s hard to find a reliable VPN for your mobile devices. If you are in search of a trusted VPN then Rocket VPN can turn out to be an ideal solution for all your needs. Let’s have a glance over it.

About Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN is a powerful VPN application which is readily available for both Android and iOS devices. The mobile users can stay safe while browsing across the internet using Rocket VPN. Using it, you can get over all the restrictions and geographical barriers and access the mobile internet safely. Your identity cannot be tracked by anyone. Even your mobile operator cannot track your activities. What else can you expect from an app like this one?

Rocket VPN App – Best Known Features

The app comes with a lot of features to be explored. You may not find such marvelous features in any other mobile application of its type. Check out few of them below.

Quick Connection

It ensures that you get a relatively faster internet speed as compared to the local speed and speed offered by other VPNs. You can stream the videos swiftly without compromising with the internet speed. This also lets you browse anonymously and safely


Its servers are located in 10 countries different countries of the world – USA, UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and Netherlands. By default, you will be connected to USA server. The zero-downtime with supreme reliability of the servers will impress you.

Bypass the Restrictions

One can easily access the blocked web content by getting connected to server of some other country where that content is legal. Even the video streaming sites like Netflix, HULU, etc. can be accessed through it, no matter what your present location is.


You cannot be traced online as your IP is masked with a random IP generated by the server. The data that is stored on your mobile devices is not at all compromised. Rocket VPN’s safe browser lets you surf through the internet safely by encrypting your data. Moreover, you can check out the history of last few sessions made on its browsers. You can also get connected to Public Wi-Fi networks without the fear of intruders.

Configuring Rocket VPN

First of all, you need to download and install this app on your device. Once installed, you must open this application to proceed further.

  • Click on ‘Rocket VPN’ app to open it up on your mobile device.
  • Now click on ‘Connect’ option to get connected with the server. While connecting to the server, a connection request screen will appear where you need to press ‘OK’ button to get connected.
  • You will be connected to USA server by default.
  • To change the server location click on ‘Change Location’ button.
  • You can even use Rocket browser to search different websites. The browsing history can be viewed by you later on and you are allowed to set up your favorites as well.
  • Different mobile applications can also be opened on its servers to protect them from getting speed.
  • Tap on ‘Add launcher’ option to add a third-party application and open it on its servers.
  • This is how Rocket VPN works.


You will get 250MB free bandwidth every month while using Rocket VPN. The plan can be upgraded if you need extra bandwidth.



  • Supports multiple platforms & devices.
  • 3rd-party apps can be accessed using this app.
  • Nominal fee for upgraded plan.
  • Apps available for both android and iOS


  • It has just few servers.
  • It seems to be bit slower.
The Bottom Line

Rocket VPN has emerged to be a stunning mobile app that lets you surf across the internet without risking your actual identity. You can access the restricted web content easily and watch videos from different services worldwide. It guarantees a great level of security. Install it now and enjoy endless services each month for free.

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