BonkLive App: An Innovative Way to Socialize Online

You might have dreamt of becoming a superstar when you grow young, but many of you would have left this dream in pursuit of something that appears to be realistic. But, what if I say you that you can relive your childhood dream? Yes, you have heard it right. You can become an overnight sensation by just downloading the BonkLive app and broadcasting yourself online among mass audiences. This app allows all Android and iOS users to reach millions of people around the globe in no time. Let’s explore this app in details.

About BonkLive App

BonkLive is the latest social media platform that can be explored to watch real people live streaming themselves online over the app interface. You can join their stream, talk to them, send gifts, and can even go live by starting your own stream. Not only this, it lets you earn money by playing the commercials in between your stream. Apart from playing the commercials, you can make money by reading the international and local advertisements as well.

BonkLive Basics

  • Level-Up: Bonkified level is the topmost level you can attain in this app. You need to start step by step and make level up by watching the broadcasts or streaming your own broadcasts. You can even send gifts to the broadcasters and invite BonkLive users every day to receive coins.
  • Giving & Taking the Gifts: You get 50 points for giving/taking 3D gifts and 30 points for giving/taking the 2D gifts, 1 point for watching the broadcast every minute, and 2.5 points per minute for streaming your broadcast.

  • Followers: You get 50 points for getting 10 followers and 500 points for 100 followers, 1000 points for 1000 followers, and so on.
  • Purchase: If you make 10 purchases from the Bonk Store you get 500 points, 100 points for 50 purchases, and 5000 points for 100 purchases.
  • Playing Commercials: The commercials can only be played by the Bonkified users are in between their broadcast and they can earn one Diamond for playing it for a minute. No commercial can be longer than 3 minutes. 1 Diamond is equal to $50.
  • Total Levels: The BonkLive Broadcaster starts as Bonnarro (Level 10) and continues to level up (Level 20) Bonnarookie, (Level 30) Bonkeroony, (Level 40) Bonkers, (Level 50) Bonkai, (Level 60) Bonkertronz, (Level 70) Bonkin, and the last (Level 80) Bonkified.

BonkLive Setup: Watching Live Broadcasts

  • BonkLive app lets you sign up via Email, Facebook or Instagram.
  • Take a tour after the account is created and learn few basics.
  • You can come back daily to the app and get free star points for opening the app.
  • On the app’s home screen, you will find options like – ‘Follow’, ‘Featured’, ‘New’, and ‘Nearby’. The ‘Follow’ option suggests you BonkLive users that you can follow. The ‘Featured’ section lists down the trending broadcasters, ‘New’ section lists down the new broadcaster, and the ‘Nearby’ option suggest you the broadcasters streaming near your current location.
  • Watch any of the broadcaster live streaming depending on your choice.
  • You will be redirected to the live broadcast in few seconds.
  • You can chat with the broadcaster and can even follow the users viewing the broadcast.
  • You can send emojis and gifts to the broadcasters. Each emoji corresponds to some points.
  • No sexually harassing or intolerant content will be entertained. It may cause account suspension. If the broadcaster plays such content then you can report it.

Broadcasting on BonkLive

  • You simply need to press the ‘Live’ button on center—bottom of the home screen.
  • Enter the title for your broadcast, country name, and the category in which you will broadcast.
  • You can even share this stream directly on Facebook.
  • Press the ‘Go Live’ button.
  • You can start talking to the viewers as soon as you go live and start receiving the gifts and likes. You can end the session as per your comfort.


You can easily switch between different broadcasts.
You can find new features and 3D gifts after each update.
If you have reached the Bonkified level, you can start making money with every broadcast.


Diamonds can be earned by Bonkified users only.
It has a complex interface.


The Verdict

BonkLive is a sensational app that can turn ay user into a superstar overnight. You can attract mass audience by entertaining the live viewers and receive gifts from them. Moreover, you can watch other broadcasters streaming and can also send them gifts. The rewards and gifts can be converted into real cash. So, get this app now and live your childhood dream of becoming a superstar.

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