3 Best Spying Apps in India That Can Keep You in the Know

A New Year and a fresh start—something virtually everyone has in mind when they set New Year’s resolutions. For the first few weeks of the New Year, you try your best to stick to your goals. Those who are strong enough might even get through the first month. But then… some of us lay down their arms.

No, I am not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, rather I just want you to know that it’s crucial to set realistic goals that are actually achievable. For instance, if you have promised yourself to learn to hack in order to tap into other people’s cell phones, then do that throughout the year.

However, if your aim is just to spy on someone’s text messages, phones calls, etc. you would be better off looking for affordable spyware apps in India. A software that can help you peep into others’ private data without having to learn any technical fundamentals or various programming languages.

Spy apps were initially designed so that people can keep tabs on their kids, but that’s not where these sleuthing programs stop. These sneaky apps are also used by employers, boyfriends, girlfriends and even family members to eavesdrop on others. So, if you are keen to find a little more about a particular person, you can use best spying apps in India to get a clear picture.

Here we will tell you about three: Xnspy, TheOneSpy, and Highster Mobile. You can check and compare the three best spying apps before picking the one that you think would be best for your needs.


Xnspy is a multi-purpose spy app that is used to snoop on Android and iOS devices. As soon as you install the best spying app, it starts collecting the data from the monitored phone or tablet. Allows you to see the chats on WhatsApp and other consumer apps, view contact list, access call logs and much more with a few clicks on your own device. You can freely browse through the target device and gain access to almost anything you want.

Alike other best spying apps, Xnspy transfers the data through a wireless internet connection or mobile data. The seamless performance and 24/7 first-rate customer support through email and Live chat channels allow users to stay on top of their spy game. In fact, it’s one of the few best spying apps available on the market (India) that allows you to modify app preferences as per your convenience.

Potential users have the option to try the software using the Live Demo on Xnspy’s website. It gives buyers a good idea how it works and what it actually offers. The best thing about this app is it works in the background, so the device user never gets to detect it.

Even the remote commands are non-intrusive. The target never receives any intrusive message or hear any awkward sounds when the app is recording calls. Here is what you can do after signing into your personal Xnspy web account:

  • Monitor phone calls and messages.
  • Access IM chats and multimedia.
  • Track GPS location and set geofences.
  • Read emails and monitor online activities.
  • Record phone calls and surroundings.
  • View Calendar entries.
  • Remotely control target device.
  • Get 24/7 quick alerts on certain activities.

There are a handful of best spying apps that doesn’t require you to have some special IT skills to operate them and Xnspy is one of them. Even a layman can use this mobile application without any problem. The subscription plans are highly affordable. The yearly bill for the Basic Edition is just $8.33 a month and that for the Premium Edition (with all the advanced features) is $12.49 a month. And you will get free lifetime upgrades.


  • More features for less price.
  • Advanced features such as remotely lock the device, wipe data, take screenshots, block inappropriate apps, view installed apps, and set alerts to monitor specific zones or locations.
  • The Remote Installation Support offered by Xnspy frees you from the worry of installing the app.
  • It has an extensive support for iOS and Android devices. From oldest to latest, all iOS and Android mobile devices are compatible with this software.
  • The affordable spyware app in India even allows you to retrieve deleted messages.


  • The program lacks support for Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry devices.
  • There is no free trial version of the app.


TheOneSpy is a unique surveillance app that targets devices running Android, iOS and BlackBerry operating systems. Once you install this application, you will be in possession of everything that takes place on the target device. All the information collected by the TheOneSpy is encrypted and uploaded to a web portal where the spy can review it.

This means all the information including, the messages, emails and phone calls can be viewed through this spyware. It even has the capability to turn on the microphone and camera on the target phone, so you can take spy shots and eavesdrop on its surroundings.

The cell phone monitoring program is easy to order and most convenient to use in comparison to other spy apps. While other spying apps only give you a cursory view, TheOneSpy app gathers ample data to ensure there is no misreading of the situation.

Following are the features of the best spying app that sets it apart from others:

  • Spy on text messages.
  • Eavesdrop on phone calls and device surroundings.
  • Scan the call logs.
  • Track the GPS location.
  • Inspect the contact list on the target phone.
  • Check out the appointments and reminders set on the device.
  • Remote monitoring lets you track the device from a distant location.
  • View popular chats on instant messaging apps.

The 12-month Lite package of TheOneSpy will cost you $140, whereas the yearly Premier subscription can be purchased $240.


  • It can be used to monitor multiple devices in one fell swoop.
  • Live listening, live camera streaming and live screenshot capability give it an edge.


  • TheOneSpy doesn’t track Tinder and Instagram.
  • There is no geofencing feature so you cannot monitor specific areas or places.
  • To initiate remote feature, TheOneSpy sends intrusive SMS commands that can alert the target.
  • The spy camera feature frequently causes a lag, which deteriorates user experience.
  • The prices for the subscription plans are on the higher side. A 30-day subscription plan costs around $18.


Highster Mobile is known for its capability to track all the activities taking place on a device. And those who think they can cover their tracks should think again. Highster Mobile is among the few best spying apps that have the ability to recover deleted messages from the monitored device.

It was specifically developed to be easy to use. Even if you have little to no experience with the smartphones, you will be able to use Highster Mobile without any issue. That said, installing the software on the target device is not as simple as one expects. However, once it is installed the app remains hidden on the monitored phone. No matter, how hard the target may try he will never be able to find it.

On the other hand, the data gathered from the monitored device can be accessed by signing into Highster Mobile control panel from a device of your choice. The control panel will be your operation center from where you can monitor all the activities and initiate commands to stay in the know of everything.

The Highster Mobile offers a variety features. Here we have listed some of the prominent functionalities.

  • Monitor internet usage.
  • View the details of all the incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Access multimedia files shared.
  • Activate camera on the target device to snap pictures.
  • Track social media apps and stay abreast.
  • Find the whereabouts of the target with GPS location feature.

The Highster Mobile supports both Apple and Android devices, but unlike others, it has a unique subscription plan. Instead of proffering monthly, quarterly or yearly plan, it requires you to pay a one-time fee of $70 to purchase the program. This puts it among the costly solutions, especially if you are looking to use it for short-term.


  • Stays undetectable on the monitored phone or tablet.
  • No monthly charges just a one-time fee with free app updates for life.
  • Highster Mobile is one the few that offers phone support.


  • The geofencing feature is missing.
  • Doesn’t let you add keywords to monitor certain activities.
  • Monitors a limited number of social media apps.
  • Users experience a lag every time they use the stealth camera feature.
  • There is only one support channel.
  • The support staff lacks the knowledge regarding the product.
  • It lacks advanced features that can up your sleuthing game.

Final Verdict

The necessity of best spying apps is undeniable. All three spy apps bring something different to the table, which makes them unique in their own way. However, considering the features, prices, support system, and consistency in performance, I believe people will highly appreciate Xnspy because it has emerged as an All-Star that has outshined its rivals in nearly all the departments

Best 12+ Snapchat Secret Tricks 2017 – {{Snapchat Amazing Facts}}


You’ve probably heard about Snapchat? No. Are you using Snapchat? Yes, then I think you might know about Snapchat Hidden Features.

Snapchat is a social media image messaging and multimedia mobile app works on Android and iOS too. In simple words, you can send or share your photos and snaps there. Now here n this Snapchat guide I’m trying to clear your all doubts and factors on which Snapchat works. It might be long article including best snapchat tricks and hacks. So let’s dive in the article. i.e Snapchat Secret Tricks 2017

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is also a social media messaging app. In this, over top You can capture a photo or video with it, then add an over the top, and send the finished creation called “Snap” to a friend. It launched in 2011.

As of October 2016, the app’s users were sending 900 million snaps a day. Due to the instant popularity of Snapchat, Facebook reportedly offered to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion. One of the app’s co-founders declined the cash offer, however. Facebook later launched a similar app, called Slingshot, but it failed to catch on. Then they launched their app called “Instagram.” and in Instagram there we also follow the same, but in that, we have some limited features.

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Here we have A-Z Snapchat Guide that will amazingly help you to know deeply about Snapchat.

How does Snapchat work?

Snapchat is so straightforward and easy to use this is what i was thinking before using snapchat. Snapchat is so simple, but it’s almost confusing to use? Right

Did You Know?  

Here’s The app main screen is your Camera screen, and that can be initially a little jarring or weird to navigate around. Try to remain calm however and keep reading to learn exactly how Snapchat works.

Here’s the list of Coolest Snapchat Features.

  •  Adding a contact
  • Creating a Snapcode
  • Making a snap
  • Sending a snap
  • Viewing a snapback
  • Making a story
  • Considering a story
  • Accessing Discover
  • Displaying Scores
  • Sending money
  • Saving to Memories
  • Using Bitmoji

Meet the Owner of Snapchat

Evan Spiegel is the CEO & Founder of the Snapchat. His full name is Evan Thomas Spiegel and born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. America on June 4, 1990. He’s now 26-year-old internet entrepreneur.

Snapchat vs. Instagram Usage.

How Many Users are there on Snapchat 2017?

On April 28, 2016, Snapchat gets 10 billion video views per day. (Seriously it’s a huge and massive views).  Now, Snapchat is on pace for 217 million users by the end of 2017. But in Instagram now has 500 million users – and more than 300 of them use it every single day.

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Best 12+ Snapchat Secret Tricks 2016-17

Moving into the main part of Article where we’ll revealing the hidden best snapchat tricks and hacks.

#1. Save Data 

Snapchat adds a Smart“Travel Mode,“ which reduces mobile data usage by not loading any snaps automatically. When the Travel Mode is enabled, you will have to tap to load content like snaps or stories manually. Default disables it, so you will have to head over to app’s Settings > Manage (Additional Services) and enable Travel Mode.

#2. Reply to Stories

Snapchat’s relatively recent “Your Story” feature lets you add images to your profile that can be viewed by your friends for 24 hours. To add a picture to a story, all you need to do is the press the plus icon after taking a snap, which is the third button on the lower left.

Your friends can not only view your stories but also reply to them. For instance, you are watching a friend’s story, and you want to tell them something about a particular picture. To do that, you can swipe up from the bottom, type your message and hit enter. Your friend will then receive your message along with the image.

#3. Restore Old Snapchat Lenses: Snapchat Hacks Secrets 2016

We hope you are pretty excited to read about this secret Snapchat trick, which brings the old lenses on Snapchat back on your device. In September 2015, Snapchat brought a new feature named Lenses into action. Snapchat Lenses was a pretty awesome and cool Snapchat feature by which you can create stunning and funny videos.

According to Snapchat this feature was a big hit, and paid lenses were getting sold, but there were so many bugs in the feature, so on January 8, 2016, Snapchat closed its Lens Store. The reason Snapchat told to the media about the closing of Lens store was that “it wants to focus more on its advertising business.”

On iOS, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn off “set automatically.”
On Android, go to Settings > Date & Time and uncheck “automatic date and time.

#4. Draw in the white color

You can draw with a white crayon by dragging your finger to the top left corner of the rainbow color slider. Those who use Snapchat on their Android devices will already be aware of it as the white crayon is already built in their rainbow slider palette.

#5. Draw in the black color

Similarly, like the white crayon, you can draw with a black crayon by dragging your finger to the bottom of the rainbow color palette. Android users will already be aware of this feature.

#6. Make Hilarious Selfies With Cool Lenses

With this snapchat trick, you will make lots of amazing and hilarious selfies. There are lots of great lenses are available in the snap chat to enhance your photos and videos. You just need to press and hold in the center of front facing camera viewfinder and then you will be able to see lots lenses.

#7. Trick To Change Default Back Camera To Front Camera?

Oh the world is on a selfie frenzy, and you do not want to be left out from this frenzy now- do you? Snapchat comes with a default setting of the Snapchat camera set to back camera.

#8. Front Facing Flash

Well, we all have faced the dilemma of clicking a picture in the dark, more so a selfie in the dark! What a tragedy it is not to be able to capture the mere figure of yourself because of the dark!

  • One of the secrets of Snapchat we bring to you is how to use the front-facing flash!? Follow the below steps to unlock this Snapchat tricks:
  • Open the camera.
  • Change the camera preference to a front (if it already set on rear-camera).
  • Now click on the flashlight icon which is located in in the top-left corner on your screen.
  • This activates the flash on you front camera
  • Enjoy clicking clear pics in the dark.

This simple Snapchat Secret tricks will make your life easier in the dark!

#9. How To Set Up Two-Step Verification

One of the most required features of all the applications that somehow capture/store your personal information, pictures, etc. is to maintain the privacy of your account. One of the most amazing secrets of Snapchat is to set up a two-step verification process to safeguard your account from being hacked.

The Snapchat secrets are that to login to your Snapchat account you need to fill up your login information, the post which Snapchat will send a code to your mobile number.

#10 Add more text with a font of your own choice

When you have taken your picture, press it once to add text. Tired of Times New Roman, choose a fancy font (larger, for example) by pressing the T at the top right of your screen.

#11 How To Light up your photos at night

You want to take pictures at night, this requires rummage in the additional options and activate the flash before the options. The symbol (lightning) will appear on the top left of your screen.

#12 How To delete your  Snapchat  account 

After the controversy of storage via the company sent Snapchat or scandal over the security flaw Snapchat, many wish to delete their account. To make a simple removal of the application is not enough, so you need to go to the website of Snapchat and delete your account. Please note: this deletion is irreversible, and you can not go back, and your account will disappear forever.

Conclusion: So above is all informative tricks and full guide, working of SnapChat. I hope you’ll like this article. This is a very knowledge full article as I think. Please Must Like and Share this Snapchat secret tricks 2017 and amazing facts. Stay Connected!

How To Hack Wifi Passwords in Ubuntu 2017

Are you looking for awesome ways to hack wifi password in ubuntu? yeah! Here i got your back. Here you will going to learn hack wifi password in ubuntu. Well, Ubuntu is an Operating system that is similar to kali linux. And you can run Ubuntu on your windows PC using Virtual box. So In This trick of wifi hacking. You will get to an amazing guide to hack wifi password of your office, school and college using Ubuntu 2017

Steps To Hack Wifi Password in Ubuntu (2017)

 Step #1: Install Aircrack

For hacking wifi passwords in Ubuntu , first, we have to install aircrack program in the perating system (Ubuntu)

-> Install aircrack
Sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng

->For rooting , type “su-“ and type your password.

->Now write the commands in terminal mode:
iwconfig wlan0 mode monitoring

Note: Do take notice if any kind of error occurs type “#iwconfig” in a terminal to check for your wireless.

->Now scan for a wireless network which will include educational purpose. Now type commands:

“airdump-ng wlan0”

#2 You need to go in root first. For this purpose type “su –“ and type your password.
#3 Now type following command in terminal:
“iwconfig wlan0 mode monitoring”
Note: If some sort of error occurs type “# iwconfig” in a terminal to check for your wireless.
#4 After that it’s time to scan for a wireless network which we will compromise with educational purpose. This time we will use the command:
“airodump-ng wlan0”
#5 Collect information
Once you have created one, abort the process with shortcut key : Ctrl+C. Now there is a need to collect information about the network. Firstly, copy the MAC address of the access point which stands for BSSID (example: 00:11:EH:B8:…..). Another point to be noted is to know the channel and it’s current working. (example: currently working under CH-5). Now , hather information with airodump-ng. Write the following code:
“airodump-ng-w wep –c 5 –bbsid 00:11:EH:B8:….wlan0”
#6 ARP Reply Attack
Now open another terminal to use ARP Reply Attack which increases the amount of data packets and gather the initializing vectors or IV of the chosen access points earlier. Write the following code:
“Aireplay-ng -3 –b  00:11:EH:B8:….wlan0”
#7 Final Step
Now again move back to the first terminal and have a look at the data packets. Near about 20000 packets have been collected yet. If it is so, abort both airodump-ng and aireplay-ng. To decode the key of a wireless network, we are provided with every information.  This all can be done with aircrack:
“aircrack-ng wep-03.cap”
Wrap Up: So this is all bout How To hack WiFi Password Using Ubuntu (Kali Linux). if we missed any cool wifi hacking trick then do let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with your friends. 🙂 download reaver for ubuntu,how to hack using ubuntu terminal,how to crack wifi password using terminal,how to hack facebook using ubuntu
aircrack-ng for ubuntu,ubuntu wifi hack wpa,how to hack wifi with kali linux step by step, how to install aircrack-ng in ubuntu

Top 10 Free Best Hacking Tools For Android, Windows, Linux of 2017 (Updated)

Top 10 Free Best Hacking Tools For Android, Windows, Linux of 2017 (Updated)

At present, the computers have become a need to run any business, study or for other applications. You need to be connected to the outside world through the internet to run your business properly and to get one step ahead of your competitors if you are a businessman. Being connected to the internet, your computer is exposed to the outside world. This increases the chances of fraud, privacy invasion, stealing your personal or corporate data by the hacker. To keep your data safe from these hackers while your computer is being connected to the internet, there various tools that help you to put a safety wall around your computer, so the hackers won’t be able to get access to that data. These tools are known as hacking tools.

From here, a question arises “What is Hacking?”

Hacking is the process of invading into someone’s computer without their permission and getting access to the data stored in that computer. Hackers are the persons who does these kind of tasks by finding the weakness in the login algorithm and gain access to the computer or network. Hackers are generally highly skilled programmers having knowledge of computer security.

Hacking tools are developed by the coders to solve complex tasks easily. There are numerous hacking tools like Vulnerability Exploitation Tools, Vulnerability Scanner, Web Proxies, Firewalls, Forensics, Password crackers etc. But today, we have prepared a list of some best hacking tools that are highly recommended and used by geeks, hackers and security engineers.

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List of Top 10 Best Hacking Tools 2017

1. Nmap (Network Mapper)

Nmap is basically a security scanner which is written by Gordon Lyon. As the name suggests, Nmap is used to map networks. Apart from this, it is also used to scan ports, network discovery and security auditing. Nmap is used by some system admins all around the world to keep an eye on host uptime, network inventory, checking open ports and managing upgrade schedules of the services. Nmap was first written for the Linux, but later on, it was ported to Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, BSD Variants, Amiga OS and IRIX.

2. Cain And Abel

Cain and Abel (also known as cain) is a highly used tool for password recovery for Microsoft Windows, but it can also be used off-grid. It is a very famous tool which is suggested in many tutorial videos of hacking. Cain is used to recover many type of passwords using the methods of network packet sniffing. It is also used to crack various password hashes by using methods of brute force, cryptanalysis attack and dictionary attack.

3. Maltego

Maltego is a proprietary software which works within a digital forensic sphere. It provides a platform to deliver total cyber threat picture to the local environment in which the organization works. Maltego permits to create custom entities which allows it to represent every entity superior to the basic entity which is already a part of software. Maltego can locate, aggregate and visualize the data.

4. OWASP Zed

The ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) is one of the most popular projects of OWASP. This is a Web Vulnerability Scanner which is very efficient to find vulnerabilities in web applications and also is easy to use. OWASP Zed is an awesome tool to work within Cyber Security. It contains some automated as well as manual scanner to discover security vulnerabilities. You can manipulate the traffic (including http) which passed through it while it is being used as proxy server.

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5. John The Ripper

John The Ripper is the password cracking tool which is available free of cost. First, it was only developed for UNIX but now it is available for fifteen different operating systems. It is the most popular program to test and break passwords commonly through dictionary attack. It contains a number of password crackers together which is termed as ‘wordlist’. This tool can also perform the function to alter the dictionary attack.

6. Wireshark

Wireshark is a free packet analyzing or crafting tool which is used to discover the vulnerability and find out the firewall rule-sets. It is used by the security professionals to analyze, capture and scan the protocols. It was originally named as Ethereal, but then the name was changed due to some trademark issues. It also has a command-line version known as Tshark. It can work on Linux and Windows, also is easy to use a re-build.

7. oclHashcat

oclHashcat is the advanced version of password cracking tools known as Hashcat. Hashcat is a CPU-based password cracking tool while oclHashcat is GPU based. oclHashcat is known as the fastest password cracking tool having GPU-based engine which is not in any other password hacking tool. To use oclHashcat, NVIDIA users must have ForceWare 346.59, and AMD users should have Catalyst 15.7.

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8. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack consists of the detector, packet sniffer, WEP, WPA/WPA2 cracker and analysis tool for 802.11 wireless LANs.It is a wireless hacking tool which can sniff 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11c traffic. It was released on RC4 cipher by Adi Shamir in 2017 which was made by a team of Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany.

9. Metasploit Penetration Testing Software

It is a vulnerability exploration tool which is very popular for penetration tesiting or hacking frameworks. It contains anti-forensic and evasion tools and some of them are put into the Metasploit framework. It contains various hacking tools and frameworks which are used  to execute various tasks.


It is an Web Vulnerability Scanner which scans your website and finds the defects that can be dangerous to your website. This hacking tools scans a website and finds out the Cross-site Scripting, SQL injection an other vulnerabilities that are intended to harm your website.This is very fast and easy hacking tool and can scan more than 1200 vulnerabilities in WordPress.

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Conclusion: So, this was the list of some awesome hacking tools 2017 which are used by the cyber-security experts and even by the backer. Most of these hacking tools are easily available on the internet and are free of cost. We hope that this topic will help you to protect your data from the unauthorized access by the users and will also help you to remove the vulnerabilities from your network. GOT ANY  QUERY?  Write it in the comment section below.

How To [LATEST]*Hack Android Devices By AndroRat App Binder 2017

Hack Android Devices By AndroRat App Binder 2017

Hi Guyz today I am going to share with you a best hacking trick of android.I know Our every Hacking trick is working So i decided to teach you A new Tech Hacking Android Hacking 2016 and 2017.  Some people thinks that Hacking Of Android Phone is a Big Task. But its  not a big deal to Hack Android Smartphones Or Android Devices.Generally Many android Devices or  phones are hacked using  Metasploit Meterpreter attack .

 Hack Android Devices By AndroRat App Binder 2017

 Let me tell you one thing that this is not user friendly app .you may be caught after using this app.so today i teach you a new trick to hack android device that tool is  AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool) it is possible for anyone to hack any Android device. By this hacking tool You can successfully Hack Any Android Device.

What You Get By This Tool Of The Hacked Victims?

  • You can easily get Contacts
  • easily get call logs
  • Open an URL in the default browser
  • Watch or send  messages
  • Location by GPS/Network
  • Do a toast
  • Monitoring received messages in live
  • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  • Stream sound from microphone (or other sources..)
  • Take a picture from the camera


 AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool)
 Download- AndroRat (Free By TekGyd)
  • Turn off Anti-virus, this zip file is not virus but the anti-virus shows it as virus because it is a Hacking Software
  • Router Port Forwarder (Only if you are using a Wi-Fi router).
  • An Android device to test the deploy package.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • TekGyd’s Support.
  • #Process (for Wi-Fi router users):
  • Download the Router Port Forwarder tool from the above Step.
  • Install it on you PC and open it
  • The software automatically detects your router model number and displays. its automatic working.

Now in the “Port forwarding” tab click “Add”.

  • In the next window enter the name of the port as you like, leave the protocol as tcp, enter the port you would like to open (Ex. 8080,1234,4444…).
  • And finally the internal ip address.
  • To know your internal IP address open Start > Run, and then enter ncpa.cpl, this opens active network connections.(you must be connected to the internet)
  • Right click on the connected network and click status and then click details.
  • In the details windows check the Ipv4 address, it should be something like 192.168.XX.XX.
  • Note the Ip address for further use. This is your internal ip address.
  • Note: You should check your internal ip only when you are connected to the internet.
  • #How to create a deploy package:
  • Download the AndroRAT Zip and extract it.
  • Download any Android application like Temple run, Subway Surfers with which you would like to bind the hacking application.
  • Open the extracted folder and then run the application AndroRat Binder.
  • It should look like the below screenshot.
  • Now in the Ip box enter your internal ip address which you have noted in the prerequisites.(If you don’t know your ip address read process from step 7.)
  • In the second box enter the port which you have opened in port forwarder tool (only wireless router users, other can enter the port whatever they like).
  • In the third box, browse and select the target application with which you would like to bind the hacking application.
  • Now hit ‘Go’ and wait for the AndroRat to build the deploy apk.
  • Once the process completes you will find the result application in the same AndroRat folder.
  • Now Install it one any Android device and open it.(Note that the device should have an active internet connection)

 #Steps to Control the Target Android Device:

 Once you have successfully installed the result apk that was generated by AndroRat, you can control the victim’s Android device through a well designed GUI.
  • In the AndroRat folder, again open the AndroRat folder.
  • In that folder you will find a java application named “AndroRat”.
  • When you open it for the first time, allow the firewall exception for the application.
  • Now click server at the top and enter the port which you have opened before.
  • Save it and restart the application. Now the application starts listening to the new port.
  • In this application you will find the list of connected devices.
  • Double click the device you would like to access and you see a window with full built-in controls.
  • Note that the target device is listed as long as he is connected to the internet and is using the deploy application created by AndroRat.
  • Note:
  • If the application does not work and no devices are listed in the AndroRat application, try building just the Hacking application instead of binding it other application.
  • For the users who are using wireless routers, port forwarding is a must.
  • Before trying it on others devices try it on your own Android first.
  • Turn off the Anti-virus before extracting the AndroRat zip which you have downloaded.
  • If possible turn off Firewall too.
Disclaimer: Controlling others Android Mobile without their permission is illegal. This post is for educational purpose only and never try to misuse it. To prevent these kind of hacks, make sure you read all the app permissions before you install any application.
So Above  is all about Hacking of Android Devices [Latest].Hope you Like This Article.Dont foget to share it with your friends.Below Buttons helps you to share this article in facebook,twitter and google+

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    How to Hack Android Phones in 2017 and in 2016

How To Hack Android Games On Rooted Android Device 2017

Android games are one of the best way to spend our time. Whenever we feel boring from internet we simply play games. Android offers us various and cool games But sometimes one thing often happens when you regularly play a game on your android device. If you want to cross the level of the game, you need resources to complete it like money, coins, points, etc. You need to play a game regularly to earn those resources and still sometimes they are not sufficient. that is very frustrating moment when you stuck at a particular level and don’t know how to cross that level without getting frustrated? So for that we have to get into that game. for this you have to Hack Android Games. But this trick only works on Rooted android devices. Games Like Diablo
So here’s the tricks to hack Android Games easily but keep in mind before proceeding that this Android Games hacking tricks works only on Rooted android devices. for non Rooting Android Game Hacking must read below guide:
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Requirements: To Hack Android Games (Rooted Android) 2017

As I mentioned in the above description, your android device must be rooted. If are not known with android rooting then realx!? You must have to follow below guide to learn about Android Rooting.here we shared two best methods to hack android games easily.

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For This task you need to download an Android game hacking app – Downlaod GameCIH App 

#1 Steps To Hack Android Game 2017:1. After rooting your device, install the downloaded GameCIH App and launch it.

2. A pop up will heads up and it will ask you to grant superuser access.

Note: The pop up window will only come if your android device is properly rooted. If it doesn’t not comes then root your device again.

3. After that, home screen will appear with the hot-key option in it. This option will help you to access this app to any android game on your device. So choose the option which you find more convenient while you are using your Android smartphone.

4. Now open any game you want to hack. For example, I opened Subway Surfer.

5. To access the hot keys which are appearing on the game screen, you need to pause the game and then select the values from hot-key that you want to edit in the game.

6. You can put any text value there like if you want to increase keys you can put that text value there.

7. Now the text box field will appear. Enter the value you want and then click on Modify.

8. And you will see that the default value of your keys will replace with the value you entered through hot-key option.

 9. Similarly, you can alter any values in your game. You can access the resources you always wanted on your android game.

Your Turn: Now it’s your turn to starthack android games 2017 and get shifted to next level or get good gems for sure. Still facing any issue then please comment below. If you loved this article and successfully hacked the game on your device, feel free to Share it. Thanks!How To Hack Android Games (Rooted Android) 2017

(Working) Hack WiFi Password from iPhone (Without Jailbreak) 2017

WiFi Hacking from iPhone? The most searched keyword on google from 22+ Different countries including top countries like India, United Kingdom, USA etc. On Google, there are Thousands of WiFi Hacking Tricks developed in 2017. But Why Peoples won’t satisfied with those WiFi Hacking Techniques? I don’t know why. But if you are’not satisfy with those results then here I’ll try my best to complete your hunger of WiFi Hacking From iPhone. and Also try to clarify all the questions asked by me on our facebook page. But The most viral question is “Please Tech Me”,How To Hack WiFi Password from iPhone Without/No Jailbreak”.

Hack WiFi Password From iPhone Without Jailbreak 2017

In this segment of WiFi hacking on iPhone , I would like to clear some of the interesting facts of iPhone and Jailbreaking. In Rich countries like the US, UK etc. there are million’s of iPhone users as compared to Android.

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1. What is iPhone(iOS) JailBreaking?

iPhone iOS jailbreaking is the complicated process of removing software restrictions imposed by iOS developers, Apple’s operating system, on its devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and any iOS device. iPhone Jailbreaking is same as “Android Rooting”. In Rooting process there we can also allow our android device locked permission,

2. Why iPhone JailBreaking?

Many peoples do Jailbreak for hacking or to increase the speed of their iPhone. As we know  iOS is a closed environment: Apps need to adhere to Apple’s stringent guidelines to make it onto the App Store. Like this article, if we move forward here we only discuss those WiFi Hacking iPhone Apps of 2017 that will work on only No JailBreaking process.

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3. iPhone iOS Jailbreaking is Good or Bad?

For me, I can say if you’re perfect in doing such an engineering tricks then it’ll help you to grow your knowledge and gain many techniques.But yeah somehow, it’s not good because in iOS/iPhone’s once you jailbreak your iPhone device then you won’t revert it back and if it’ll not do correctly then your Phone may be damage.

3. iPhone iOS Jailbreaking is Good or Bad?

These are the some the logical questions that many of us needs to know before moving ahead on our main topic “(Working) Hack WiFi Password from iPhone (Without Jailbreak) 2017”

How To Hack WiFi Password on iPhone Without JailBreaking 2017

There is no shortcut method to hack any WPA or WPS wifi password directly. for wifi hacking on iPhone there we have some of Best WiFi Hacking Apps for iPhone.

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Security Warning: Plase Do it at your own risk, TekGyd Won’t take responsibility of any harm. we only support hacking for educational purpose. Hacking is illegal. Please sake it only to increase your knowledge.

iPhone Apps To Hack WiFi Password No Jailbreaking

1.  WPA Tester 

WPA Tester is available to download from the Apple  Apps Store.  By using this Wifi hacking app for iPhone you can easily get your victims wifi password.Just in case it gets removed by Apple in the future it is also available from installers and as you are aware that means it will be totally free!

2. dlssid 

dssid is an iPhone hacker app for Dlink routers which are found in almost every country in the world. Thousands of ISPs worldwide just re-brand Dlink routers with their company logo/name so there is a very good chance that you will be able to find a router nearby that you can hack even if it is not displaying dlink in the network name.

3. WLAN Audit – Best WiFi Hacker App Cydia

WLAN is similar to many of the other app listed on this site and it will crack the WPA an WPA2 password of routers which have not had their default WiFi password changed.


This IWep pro is one of the best WiFi password finder apps for iPhone and other Apple’s devices. that can be used to discover the password of a WiFi network and bypass it. It’s designed for easy usage, responsive and the user interface of the app is very much friendly.

5. iSpeed Touched 

SpeedTouched is an amazing iPhone app to hack WiFi passwords on an iphone, ipod touch or ipad as it will work on millions of WiFi routers worldwide. This iPhone App Used to access the wifi router password easily.

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Best 100+ Facebook Tricks | Tips 2017 – Latest Facebook Hacks

Facebook is one of the best social media website running in this era of 2017. Facebook plays an important role in our daily life, when it comes to latest updates then Facebook is very faster than other social media. but we are not familiar with its hidden tricks and tips. are you? if not then here we’re reveal some of the best Facebook tricks and hacks of 2016. and i know you just love these Facebook tricks because these Facebook tricks are very famous and only few peoples are known with these Facebook tricks.

Best 100+ Facebook Tricks | Tips 2017 - Latest Facebook Hacks

Facts About Facebook? 

Facebook (stylized as facebook) is a for-profit corporation and online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California, United States. The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.
The founders had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students; however, later they expanded it to higher education institutions in the Boston area, the Ivy League schools, and Stanford University. Facebook gradually added support for students at various other universities, and eventually to high school students as well. Since 2006, anyone age 13 and older has been allowed to become a registered user of Facebook, though variations exist in the minimum age requirement, depending on applicable local laws. The Facebook name comes from the face book directories often given to United States university students.

Best Facebook Tricks and Hacks 2017

1. Simple Ways To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Photos 
By Mistake you deleted your Facebook important messages and photos? Then don’t be feel sad. Here TekGyd presents a Facebook Messages Tricks.Basically its a Latest Facebook trick which you not many people are aware of and hence i will be writing this tutorial to let you guys know about this amazing facebook Tricks…
2. Hack Facebook Account by Brute Force in Kali Linux 2016 (Educational Purpose)
Facebook Account hacking is not easy, but tekgyd provides you new and latest tricks to hack facebook accounts from android or from PC.i think you all read my previous articles on facebook hacking and according to team tekgyd they all are still working…..
3. Facebook Hacks Tricks by Facebook Hacker Pro (prank)
Yes. So here i’m going to teach you a best Facebook Hacker Methods Just for Educational Purpose. You can easily Download Facebook Hacker Pro Free by TekGyd From here
So Today TekGyd Provides you a software to hack facebook Account.So The question is How to Hack Facebook Through Facebook Hacker Pro in 2016 & 2017…

Hey Wait!.. Looking for Rest of 90+ Facebook Tricks… Stay connected we’re soon coming with best facebook tricks and tips that will really impress you. Thanks !

How To Hack Android Phones Using Hacking Apps 2017

Let’s Hack Android Phones Using Hacking Apps 2017 Here we are going to discuss the best Android hacking tricks to hack into the device with Windows PC with hacking tools 2017 to hack a device.
See the complete guide explained in the post.

How To Hack Android From Windows PC

Android mobiles are most popular cell phone nowadays. This is because they are easy to use, customization, affordable in price and many such reasons. But there is also a bad factor that is bugs and lack of security in Android. It is also true that we can’t have both security and customization at their best in one device. We can increase one at the cost of another.

The Android is an operating system designed by Google. It is freely available to use by all the mobile phone companies all over the world. The androids mobile devices ranged between Rs.4000 to Rs.70,000. So it is used by most of the world and is most likely to be used by our victim. So in this post, we will discuss how to hack Android using Windows PC with the help of victims mobile number.

Download: Best Android Hacking Apps 2017

  • Victim’s phone number.
  • The victim and the hacker need to remain connected to the internet during the entire process of a hack.
  • Product must be installed and activated (can also search key on the internet)
Click here to download

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 Steps to Hack: Android Phones Using Hacking Apps

 #1 Install and run the Android sniffing tool.
#2 Enter victims mobile number in mobile number block.
#3 Verify to search for the country or you can enter the country code with a mobile phone.
#4 Click on a hack to hack into mobile phone.
#5 Select reports to hack messages, calls, and files.
#6 Select the .rar or .zip format on the right side to select the format of the file in which you want to store reports.
#7 Click Generate to generate .zip or .rar file of selected reports.
This article is to increase knowledge and make awareness about the threats of the technology. Please do not try to hack into anyone’s mobile phone as it is considered as a criminal offense under the cyber law. And is punishable by law.
If Then there you need any help Must Comment Below Or Message Us Freely. And don’t forget to share this wifi hacking post.How To Hack Android Phones Using Hacking Apps 2017

How To Change Android phone Into Hacking Device.

How To Change Android  Smartphone Into Hacking Device – Latest Methods

hello tekgyd readers today in this tutorial I will teach  you how to change android smartphone into hacking device using some android hacking apps. Mobile devices is now very common now a days and mobile devices has changed the way of bi-directional communication.There are many operating system for android devices available but the most common and the best operating system for mobile is Android, it is an OS means you can install other applications (software’s) on it. In Android application usually called apps or android apps.

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The risk of hacking by using  android devices is very common and people are developing and using different apps (application) for their hacking attack. Android has faced different challenges from hacking application and below is the list of application for android hacking.

1.Spoof App

How To Change Android phone Into Hacking Device.

Here is an app that spies at heart could use – Spoof App. It allows you to use a fake Caller ID – a number that you are free to specify yourself, in order to protect your privacy or to pull a prank on someone. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, Apple didn’t think so, which is why it never allowed the app to enter its App Store. Google, however, didn’t mind, which is why Spoof App was available on the Android Market for about two and a half years. However, it was banned from there last year as it allegedly was in conflict with The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009.This can be useful in social engineering.

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2. FaceNiff – Download Faceniff 2017

How To Change Android phone Into Hacking Device.
For this faceniff app android 2.1 plus rooted is requirement.Allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to. It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks.Please note that if web user uses SSL this application won’t work.
This application is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it’s not legal in your country. I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. Use at your own risk

3.Penetrate Pro

How To Change Android phone Into Hacking Device.
 For this  penetrate pro app android 2.1 plus rooted is requirement. The most of the times you scan the Wi-Fi networks available around, they’re protected with key. Penetrate is an app that help you out with that. If the routers of that Wi-Fi networks are encrypted with WEP/WPA it will bring you the keys to access them. This seems a sort of cracking, but the developers says it isn’t, because it’s supposed to get the keys for penetration testing and you should use it only with permission from network owners. Well, apart from those regardings, it does what it says. Check the developer description to know which routers are supported.

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Take in account that if you have an antivirus installed in your android device, it will warn you about this app. The developer says it’s normal because it’s a security-related tool. Penetrate isn’t a danger for your android phone

4. Anti Android Network Toolkit

Anti-Android Network Toolkit is an app that uses WiFi scanning tools to scan networks. You can scan a network you have the android phone connected to or you can scan any other nearby open networks. Security admins can use Anti to test network host vulnerabilities to DoS attacks and other threats.


Upon opening the app, users are required to enter the username and password used for registering. Once logged in, a message pops up indicating how many Anti credits you have and gives you the option to purchase more.
The next screen shows you the local network targets. I had my phone connected to my WLAN and Anti automatically mapped my network. You can only connect to networks you can authenticate into or of course, unsecured, open ones.
I could see my subnet information as well as all connected hosts on the network. It also showed an icon of what the various hosts were on my network; for instance, a connected Windows 7 laptop was displayed with the Window icon and my Android phone with the Droid bot logo.
From this screen, additional networks can be added simply by entering their subnet information. Clicking the bottom of the screen on the WiFi logo brings up all WLANs in the proximity, so Anti also performs wireless network discovery
When first displaying the local target screen where you can view your network, Anti asks to run an intrusive scan. This scan checks for open ports and other vulnerabilities on the network. The app scanned 256 possible IP addresses in my test network (which only has four connected devices) in 11.07 seconds. In that time, the app discovered a connected machine with 8 open ports.
There are several other tasks the app can do. Users can run a password cracker against hosts using various crack protocols. A password crack on my test network revealed the username and password to an unsecured network switch—the username and password displayed was correct, as I was able to use the credentials Anti found to Telnet into the command line interface of the switch.
With Anti, you can also connect to network devices legitimately, with proper credentials. The report feature will list all of the vulnerabilities found, giving network admins a way to perform a threat assessment

5. Andosid

How To Change Android phone Into Hacking Device.
Andosid fills that gap, allowing security professionals to simulate a DOS attack (An http post flood attack to be exact) and of course a dDOS on a web server, from mobile phones. Andosid is actively being developed and I welcome feedback from the security community as to how you would like the application to evolve.

So Above is all about How To Change Android  Smartphone Into Hacking Device. If you have any question feel free to comment below.