How To Hack Wifi Passwords in Ubuntu 2017

Are you looking for awesome ways to hack wifi password in ubuntu? yeah! Here i got your back. Here you will going to learn hack wifi password in ubuntu. Well, Ubuntu is an Operating system that is similar to kali linux. And you can run Ubuntu on your windows PC using Virtual box. So In This trick of wifi hacking. You will get to an amazing guide to hack wifi password of your office, school and college using Ubuntu 2017

Steps To Hack Wifi Password in Ubuntu (2017)

 Step #1: Install Aircrack

For hacking wifi passwords in Ubuntu , first, we have to install aircrack program in the perating system (Ubuntu)

-> Install aircrack
Sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng

->For rooting , type “su-“ and type your password.

->Now write the commands in terminal mode:
iwconfig wlan0 mode monitoring

Note: Do take notice if any kind of error occurs type “#iwconfig” in a terminal to check for your wireless.

->Now scan for a wireless network which will include educational purpose. Now type commands:

“airdump-ng wlan0”

#2 You need to go in root first. For this purpose type “su –“ and type your password.
#3 Now type following command in terminal:
“iwconfig wlan0 mode monitoring”
Note: If some sort of error occurs type “# iwconfig” in a terminal to check for your wireless.
#4 After that it’s time to scan for a wireless network which we will compromise with educational purpose. This time we will use the command:
“airodump-ng wlan0”
#5 Collect information
Once you have created one, abort the process with shortcut key : Ctrl+C. Now there is a need to collect information about the network. Firstly, copy the MAC address of the access point which stands for BSSID (example: 00:11:EH:B8:…..). Another point to be noted is to know the channel and it’s current working. (example: currently working under CH-5). Now , hather information with airodump-ng. Write the following code:
“airodump-ng-w wep –c 5 –bbsid 00:11:EH:B8:….wlan0”
#6 ARP Reply Attack
Now open another terminal to use ARP Reply Attack which increases the amount of data packets and gather the initializing vectors or IV of the chosen access points earlier. Write the following code:
“Aireplay-ng -3 –b  00:11:EH:B8:….wlan0”
#7 Final Step
Now again move back to the first terminal and have a look at the data packets. Near about 20000 packets have been collected yet. If it is so, abort both airodump-ng and aireplay-ng. To decode the key of a wireless network, we are provided with every information.  This all can be done with aircrack:
“aircrack-ng wep-03.cap”
Wrap Up: So this is all bout How To hack WiFi Password Using Ubuntu (Kali Linux). if we missed any cool wifi hacking trick then do let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to share it with your friends. 🙂 download reaver for ubuntu,how to hack using ubuntu terminal,how to crack wifi password using terminal,how to hack facebook using ubuntu
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How To [LATEST]*Hack Android Devices By AndroRat App Binder 2017

Hack Android Devices By AndroRat App Binder 2017

Hi Guyz today I am going to share with you a best hacking trick of android.I know Our every Hacking trick is working So i decided to teach you A new Tech Hacking Android Hacking 2016 and 2017.  Some people thinks that Hacking Of Android Phone is a Big Task. But its  not a big deal to Hack Android Smartphones Or Android Devices.Generally Many android Devices or  phones are hacked using  Metasploit Meterpreter attack .

 Hack Android Devices By AndroRat App Binder 2017

 Let me tell you one thing that this is not user friendly app .you may be caught after using this today i teach you a new trick to hack android device that tool is  AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool) it is possible for anyone to hack any Android device. By this hacking tool You can successfully Hack Any Android Device.

What You Get By This Tool Of The Hacked Victims?

  • You can easily get Contacts
  • easily get call logs
  • Open an URL in the default browser
  • Watch or send  messages
  • Location by GPS/Network
  • Do a toast
  • Monitoring received messages in live
  • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
  • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
  • Stream sound from microphone (or other sources..)
  • Take a picture from the camera


 AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool)
 Download- AndroRat (Free By TekGyd)
  • Turn off Anti-virus, this zip file is not virus but the anti-virus shows it as virus because it is a Hacking Software
  • Router Port Forwarder (Only if you are using a Wi-Fi router).
  • An Android device to test the deploy package.
  • A good internet connection.
  • Basic computer knowledge.
  • TekGyd’s Support.
  • #Process (for Wi-Fi router users):
  • Download the Router Port Forwarder tool from the above Step.
  • Install it on you PC and open it
  • The software automatically detects your router model number and displays. its automatic working.

Now in the “Port forwarding” tab click “Add”.

  • In the next window enter the name of the port as you like, leave the protocol as tcp, enter the port you would like to open (Ex. 8080,1234,4444…).
  • And finally the internal ip address.
  • To know your internal IP address open Start > Run, and then enter ncpa.cpl, this opens active network connections.(you must be connected to the internet)
  • Right click on the connected network and click status and then click details.
  • In the details windows check the Ipv4 address, it should be something like 192.168.XX.XX.
  • Note the Ip address for further use. This is your internal ip address.
  • Note: You should check your internal ip only when you are connected to the internet.
  • #How to create a deploy package:
  • Download the AndroRAT Zip and extract it.
  • Download any Android application like Temple run, Subway Surfers with which you would like to bind the hacking application.
  • Open the extracted folder and then run the application AndroRat Binder.
  • It should look like the below screenshot.
  • Now in the Ip box enter your internal ip address which you have noted in the prerequisites.(If you don’t know your ip address read process from step 7.)
  • In the second box enter the port which you have opened in port forwarder tool (only wireless router users, other can enter the port whatever they like).
  • In the third box, browse and select the target application with which you would like to bind the hacking application.
  • Now hit ‘Go’ and wait for the AndroRat to build the deploy apk.
  • Once the process completes you will find the result application in the same AndroRat folder.
  • Now Install it one any Android device and open it.(Note that the device should have an active internet connection)

 #Steps to Control the Target Android Device:

 Once you have successfully installed the result apk that was generated by AndroRat, you can control the victim’s Android device through a well designed GUI.
  • In the AndroRat folder, again open the AndroRat folder.
  • In that folder you will find a java application named “AndroRat”.
  • When you open it for the first time, allow the firewall exception for the application.
  • Now click server at the top and enter the port which you have opened before.
  • Save it and restart the application. Now the application starts listening to the new port.
  • In this application you will find the list of connected devices.
  • Double click the device you would like to access and you see a window with full built-in controls.
  • Note that the target device is listed as long as he is connected to the internet and is using the deploy application created by AndroRat.
  • Note:
  • If the application does not work and no devices are listed in the AndroRat application, try building just the Hacking application instead of binding it other application.
  • For the users who are using wireless routers, port forwarding is a must.
  • Before trying it on others devices try it on your own Android first.
  • Turn off the Anti-virus before extracting the AndroRat zip which you have downloaded.
  • If possible turn off Firewall too.
Disclaimer: Controlling others Android Mobile without their permission is illegal. This post is for educational purpose only and never try to misuse it. To prevent these kind of hacks, make sure you read all the app permissions before you install any application.
So Above  is all about Hacking of Android Devices [Latest].Hope you Like This Article.Dont foget to share it with your friends.Below Buttons helps you to share this article in facebook,twitter and google+

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    How to Hack Android Phones in 2017 and in 2016

How To Hack Android Games On Rooted Android Device 2017

Android games are one of the best way to spend our time. Whenever we feel boring from internet we simply play games. Android offers us various and cool games But sometimes one thing often happens when you regularly play a game on your android device. If you want to cross the level of the game, you need resources to complete it like money, coins, points, etc. You need to play a game regularly to earn those resources and still sometimes they are not sufficient. that is very frustrating moment when you stuck at a particular level and don’t know how to cross that level without getting frustrated? So for that we have to get into that game. for this you have to Hack Android Games. But this trick only works on Rooted android devices. Games Like Diablo
So here’s the tricks to hack Android Games easily but keep in mind before proceeding that this Android Games hacking tricks works only on Rooted android devices. for non Rooting Android Game Hacking must read below guide:
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Requirements: To Hack Android Games (Rooted Android) 2017

As I mentioned in the above description, your android device must be rooted. If are not known with android rooting then realx!? You must have to follow below guide to learn about Android we shared two best methods to hack android games easily.

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For This task you need to download an Android game hacking app – Downlaod GameCIH App 

#1 Steps To Hack Android Game 2017:1. After rooting your device, install the downloaded GameCIH App and launch it.

2. A pop up will heads up and it will ask you to grant superuser access.

Note: The pop up window will only come if your android device is properly rooted. If it doesn’t not comes then root your device again.

3. After that, home screen will appear with the hot-key option in it. This option will help you to access this app to any android game on your device. So choose the option which you find more convenient while you are using your Android smartphone.

4. Now open any game you want to hack. For example, I opened Subway Surfer.

5. To access the hot keys which are appearing on the game screen, you need to pause the game and then select the values from hot-key that you want to edit in the game.

6. You can put any text value there like if you want to increase keys you can put that text value there.

7. Now the text box field will appear. Enter the value you want and then click on Modify.

8. And you will see that the default value of your keys will replace with the value you entered through hot-key option.

 9. Similarly, you can alter any values in your game. You can access the resources you always wanted on your android game.

Your Turn: Now it’s your turn to starthack android games 2017 and get shifted to next level or get good gems for sure. Still facing any issue then please comment below. If you loved this article and successfully hacked the game on your device, feel free to Share it. Thanks!How To Hack Android Games (Rooted Android) 2017

How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017

RAM that plays a significant role in your PC or Laptop is somewhere disappoint us when we are doing some heavy work on PC or Laptop. Now, in that case, we’re thinking to buy a new RAM that costs of around huge bucks? And that is the worst part. So for that here TekGyd going to reveal the best tricks to increase RAM of your PC easily using USB Pendrive.
Imagine, you’re doing some heavy work like developing Android Apps and all and suddenly your PC or Laptop stop working or say, Freeze? That moment you all will get most frustrated ever? right. so if you read our old guide on how to recover deleted files from USB Pendrive. Then trust me this guide will also help you out to speed up your PC or Laptop.

How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017

Follow each given steps below and boost your pc speed quickly. Please do this carefully unless you’ll be trouble.

We all have Pen drive’s and excluding some day’s we don’t even use it often. This trick increases your Pc or Laptop speed by a technology called Ready Boost which uses spare space in your Pen drive to store some cache data. What it does is, instead of storing all data in hard disk and retrieving it in RAM, it stores frequently used data in your pen drive for fast access through RAM.

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Steps: Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017

Let me show you how it will happen:

1. First Open your file ‘system‘ and choose your ‘pendrive‘. In my case I have named my pen drive as predator.

How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017
2. Do Right click on your pendrive and a menu will pop up. Click on last option named ‘properties‘.
How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017
3. Now Click on ‘ReadyBoost‘ tab, by default the ‘Do not use this device’ would be selected. Select the second or third option and set the maximum size you would like to dedicate to ReadyBoost, In my case my pen drive is 16gb and windows is only allowing me to use 4gb as ReadyBoost cache.

How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017
4. Here’s the trick to change this maximum ReadyBoost size to the size of Maximum size of your pen  drive. Again get back and ‘right-click’ your USB pen-drive and this time select the Format option.

5. Change the file system from ‘FAT32‘ (which is the default in case of flash drive’s) to ‘NTFS‘ (New Technology File System) which is format used by hard drives.How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017
6. Now click format and let the process complete (make sure you first turn off the ReadyBoost setting’s you configured earlier).

7. Now follow step 2 to 4. This time you will have the permission to allocate the maximum size for ReadyBoost cache as your pen drive is labeled in my case approximate 16 GB.
How To Increase RAM of PC using Pendrive (USB) 2017
8. Now Restart your computer with Pendrive Inserted and Enjoy.
Now it’s Your Turn: So by using these simple and easy 7-Steps to increase RAM of PC using USB Pendrive. I’m not saying that you will get huge speed there but you will surely notice some speed improvements which will prevent those lag’s. i hope you liked this article on PC Speed Boosting Tricks 2017. Want More Cool and Intersting Tricks then do comment below and Don’t forget to Share This!

Best 5+ How To Tricks to Increase Reliance “Jio 4G” Speed on Android 2017

In India, After six years of Mukesh Ambani’s Hard work there he launched a dream 4G Project Named “Jio 4G“. And after doing lots of long research I was surprisingly shocked when I got to know that Jio 4G gives 25000 TB (Tera Byte) of Mobile data per day :O Yes 25TB of mobile data? So what are those 5 best ways to increase Jio 4G Speed in 2017


Reliance Jio 4G become World’s Best 4G Network Provider Cellular company which provides 25TB Approx. 25,600,000 GB Mobile Data at no cost (free). But the main question arises in our mind that why Reliance Jio 4G gives free 25TB data per day? So let me explain the whole story behind this active mind. In Short, The story begins from 2 years 2010, when Reliance company divides in between two brothers. But the telecom and communication companies have given to his elder brother name Anil Ambani.

Then in 2011, international 4G spectrum bought by Mukesh Ambani and he named it “Jio” But that time no one knows what actually the ‘Jio‘ is. Then his tooth breaker hard work comes into motion when he launched his dream project after 6 years in 2016 and also offers a welcome offer for 3 months free data and free calls in which we have one restriction to use only 4GB of Data per day on our 4G Device.

Jio 4G Per Day Data Usage 25TB

Easy Ways to Increase Jio 4G Speed on your 4G Device

So here we are going to discuss on how can we increase our Jio 4G downloading and uploading speed easily. So in this tutorial tekgyd reveals the best tricks and tips to increase jio 4g speed with 3 different methods. Please read this article till the end.

How To Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed 2017 (Downloading/Uploading Speed)

When JIO 4G was launched that time, the speed of this 4G network is one of the best speed i had ever seen. But now as the user’s rate increasing boost day by day, The speeds is down as of now. People are upset with the current internet speed of jio. They are getting 3-4Mbps speed from a drop of 50Mbps speed.

Jio 4G Slow Speed 2017

But whatever it is, New Jio users are expecting high rates which was promised to them earlier. So we are presenting two methods that will help you to get high speeds.

So lets start and learn How-To Boost JIO 4G Speed?

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#1. Best Tricks to increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed

Here’s the simple and efficient way to boost your uploading and downloading Jio 4G Speed:

Note: Do Try it at your own risk! I will not be responsible for any damage. If you are noob/beginner, do not try this trick.

Follow the below steps:

1. Dial *#*#4636#*#*

2. Select phone information.

3. Select “Set preferred network type”.

4. Select LTE Only.

For Qualcomm Processor

1. Install Shortcut Master (Lite) app from Play Store.

2. Then go to menu and search.

3. There type “Search Menu” or “Engineering Mode” and search

4. Open it up if you found and change LTE bands.

– For MediaTek processor

1. First, you have to download an app MTK Engineering Mode

2. Run app.

3. Then select “MTK Settings”.

4. Select ‘BandMode.’

5. Select SIM slot where you have put your Jio SIM.

6. Select ‘LTE mode.’

7. Select band 40 for best speed or band 5 for best coverage.

8. Save settings & reboot your mobile to activate changes.

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#2. How to Boost Reliance Jio 4G Uploading/Downloading Speed

Change the APN Settings as shown below:-

— Name – TekGyd4G

— APN – jionet

— APN Type – Default

— Proxy – No changes

— Port – No changes

— Username – No changes

— Password – No changes

— Server –

— MMSC – No changes

— MMS proxy – No changes

— MMS port – No changes

— MCC – 405

— MNC – 857 or 863 or 874

— Authentication type – No changes

— APN Protocol – Ipv4/Ipv6

#4. How To Increase Reliance 4G jio Downloading or Uploading Speed using Android app

You have to download an app Snap Vpn from the google play-store. After you have installed this Snap Vpn app, try to connect to all the servers one by one or observe the signal strength of all servers and connect to the good signal strength server and enjoy high speeds.

#5. How To Boost Jio 4G Downloading Speed with ADM 2017

  • First Do Install ADM app in your Android device. It doesn’t require root permission.
  • They have an in-built browser option which is not so fancy, so better is to avoid it.
  • Open Chrome or any browser & search for the file you want to download.
  • Copy the URL & open ADM.
  • At top right corner, you will find the + sign. Click on it & past the URL.
  • Hit start button & see the magic!

When I tried this trick, I got a whooping and boosting speed of 3~8 Mbps even when there was poor Jio network in my area. Speed was fluctuating a bit but never went below 800 Kbps.

Reliance “Jio 4G” Plans After 31 December 2016 or 31st July 2017

Reliance JIO 4G Data Plans 2017

Your Turn: So above hacks is all about “How To Increase Reliance 4G Speed 2017“. I know you will get a good amount of speed after trying this. Please comment below if you face any problem at any point and also don’t forget to share this Jio 4G Tricks 🙂

(Working) Hack WiFi Password from iPhone (Without Jailbreak) 2017

WiFi Hacking from iPhone? The most searched keyword on google from 22+ Different countries including top countries like India, United Kingdom, USA etc. On Google, there are Thousands of WiFi Hacking Tricks developed in 2017. But Why Peoples won’t satisfied with those WiFi Hacking Techniques? I don’t know why. But if you are’not satisfy with those results then here I’ll try my best to complete your hunger of WiFi Hacking From iPhone. and Also try to clarify all the questions asked by me on our facebook page. But The most viral question is “Please Tech Me”,How To Hack WiFi Password from iPhone Without/No Jailbreak”.

Hack WiFi Password From iPhone Without Jailbreak 2017

In this segment of WiFi hacking on iPhone , I would like to clear some of the interesting facts of iPhone and Jailbreaking. In Rich countries like the US, UK etc. there are million’s of iPhone users as compared to Android.

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1. What is iPhone(iOS) JailBreaking?

iPhone iOS jailbreaking is the complicated process of removing software restrictions imposed by iOS developers, Apple’s operating system, on its devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and any iOS device. iPhone Jailbreaking is same as “Android Rooting”. In Rooting process there we can also allow our android device locked permission,

2. Why iPhone JailBreaking?

Many peoples do Jailbreak for hacking or to increase the speed of their iPhone. As we know  iOS is a closed environment: Apps need to adhere to Apple’s stringent guidelines to make it onto the App Store. Like this article, if we move forward here we only discuss those WiFi Hacking iPhone Apps of 2017 that will work on only No JailBreaking process.

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3. iPhone iOS Jailbreaking is Good or Bad?

For me, I can say if you’re perfect in doing such an engineering tricks then it’ll help you to grow your knowledge and gain many techniques.But yeah somehow, it’s not good because in iOS/iPhone’s once you jailbreak your iPhone device then you won’t revert it back and if it’ll not do correctly then your Phone may be damage.

3. iPhone iOS Jailbreaking is Good or Bad?

These are the some the logical questions that many of us needs to know before moving ahead on our main topic “(Working) Hack WiFi Password from iPhone (Without Jailbreak) 2017”

How To Hack WiFi Password on iPhone Without JailBreaking 2017

There is no shortcut method to hack any WPA or WPS wifi password directly. for wifi hacking on iPhone there we have some of Best WiFi Hacking Apps for iPhone.

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Security Warning: Plase Do it at your own risk, TekGyd Won’t take responsibility of any harm. we only support hacking for educational purpose. Hacking is illegal. Please sake it only to increase your knowledge.

iPhone Apps To Hack WiFi Password No Jailbreaking

1.  WPA Tester 

WPA Tester is available to download from the Apple  Apps Store.  By using this Wifi hacking app for iPhone you can easily get your victims wifi password.Just in case it gets removed by Apple in the future it is also available from installers and as you are aware that means it will be totally free!

2. dlssid 

dssid is an iPhone hacker app for Dlink routers which are found in almost every country in the world. Thousands of ISPs worldwide just re-brand Dlink routers with their company logo/name so there is a very good chance that you will be able to find a router nearby that you can hack even if it is not displaying dlink in the network name.

3. WLAN Audit – Best WiFi Hacker App Cydia

WLAN is similar to many of the other app listed on this site and it will crack the WPA an WPA2 password of routers which have not had their default WiFi password changed.


This IWep pro is one of the best WiFi password finder apps for iPhone and other Apple’s devices. that can be used to discover the password of a WiFi network and bypass it. It’s designed for easy usage, responsive and the user interface of the app is very much friendly.

5. iSpeed Touched 

SpeedTouched is an amazing iPhone app to hack WiFi passwords on an iphone, ipod touch or ipad as it will work on millions of WiFi routers worldwide. This iPhone App Used to access the wifi router password easily.

We Need a Small Favor: if you thought the information provided by us is great and helpful then share this article on a social media like Facebook, WhatsApp by clicking on an icon of social media’sat the end of the post. we feel very thankful you eternally ?

Your Turn: So above is all about the app that can hack WiFi Password using iPhone. (Working) Hack WiFi Password from iPhone (Without Jailbreak) 2017. If you like it please must comment below and Please don’t forget to share this knowledgeful article.

How To Hack iPhone 6s Passcode 2017

How To Unlock iPhone 6S Passcode 2017

Hello TekGyd Readers today we are going to show you How To Hack iPhone 6s Here is the best iPhone 6s hacking tricks which tells you how to unlock iphone 6s passcode 2017.Through this trick or method you can easily hack or bypass the iphone 6s lock screen.Mainly the process of hacking is more diificult in apple iphone but now you can bypass iPhone lock screen passcode by using iphone 6s hacking tricks. Hacking is now also possible in iphone 6s through some hidden hacks which helps to hack or bypass phone 7 lockscreen.Learn about the unlock iPhone 6s passcode 2016

How To Hack iPhone 6s Passcode 2016

How To Unlock iPhone 6S Passcode 2016

These are the best iphone 6s hacking tricks which helps you to hack and bypass iphone 6S lock screen.These are the steps listed below:-

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Steps To Bypass iPhone 6S Lock Screen:-

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Using iCloud

Using this method you can easily restore your iPhone and unlock your passcode. Actually, this is an amazing feature of iOS devices. It’s also very helpful when you lost your phone. You can reset all your valuable data remotely and many more.

Note – If you’ve enabled Find My Phone feature on your iOS device then this method can work.

1. Go to this iCloudon your PC.

2. After This a screen that appears the sign in information. You have to sign in using your Apple id and password.

3. You have to Click all devices and then select any of device like iphone,ipad,iphone touch whose data you want to erase.

4. Now Click on ERASE.That will erase your desired iphone device and its pass code.

5. After this you need to restore your device with the most recent backup and then it will take some time to complete data back excluding passcode.

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Unlock iPhone Passcode-Using iTunes

1. Firstly you have to Connect your iOS device with the computer which you normally use to access iTunes.

2. Now it will automatically sync your iPhone and will create a backup of all your data.

3. After you need to restore your iPhone.

4. Now after restoring it will show you different backups of your device. You have to choose the most recent backup.

5.After completion of this formalities like syncing and restoring you will able to use your iphone without the iphone’s passcode. Now enjoy the iphone’s trick

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Using Recovery Mode

 1. Hold Sleep/Wake button and then tap on Power Off option.

2.Now, you need to Press and Hold Home button and at the same time plug in your device with your computer then your device will be automatically turned on.

3. Don’t release the Home button until you see option that, Connect to iTunes.

4. Then iTunes will prompt message that it has detected a device, you need to tap on OK.

5. Then, restore your device with the same steps.

Above post is on how to unlock iphone 6s passcode which helps you in unlocking the lockscreen or hack iphone main lockscreen passcode. if you have any query do comment below.

How to Change RAM of your Laptop


Step by step guide to change ram of your laptop. Laptop is our basic need in day to day usage. But most of time we start to see that it starts performing slower then usual. That can be due to virus or due to low ram. As the technology is increasing day by day. The developing softwares and applications need more system specifications then the previous ones. Hence we sometimes need to enhance our system to meet those system requirements.

One of these requirement can be seen as RAM upgradation. It is used to provide useful files to the processor from hard disk which I not directly accessed by processor. So the bigger is the size of RAM he larger data it can store hence the faster it can provide data to processor.

How to change RAM of your Laptop.
Before upgrading your laptop with additional RAM it is very important for you to find out certain info about your laptop like:

#1 Upgrade limit i.e. the amount of RAM current laptop can handle. This information can be acquired from the vendor’s website or by referring the manuals given along with the laptop.

#2 Next thing is to determine the type of RAM. There are various types of RAM like DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. Laptops purchased around 2 years back will most probably have a DDR or DDR2 RAM. Recently purchased laptops might be having a DDR3 RAM. These RAM types differ in their performance capabilities.

#3 Your laptop hardware usually incorporates slot for incorporating a particular type of RAM. This means that if the hardware has a slot for accommodating DDR2 RAM, you can install only a DDR2 RAM and not DDR or DDR3.After you have determined this you must purchase the RAM with sufficient capacity for performing the tasks.

Step-by-Step Installation Guideline

#1 You must disconnect the laptop from power sources and turn it off before dismantling it for the installation of the new RAM.

#2 Once you have done that, you will have to find out the memory compartment door. Location of this door varies in different laptops. You can find where the door is located by checking the hardware map in the manual of the laptop. The memory compartment door is usually placed in the bottom of the laptop and you will find screws attached to this door. Use an appropriate screw driver to open the door.

#3 Typically, there will be two slots for RAM. Check if both slots are occupied. If both slots are occupied you will have to remove one module(Smaller size RAM) from the slot and then install the new module(bigger size RAM). If not you can simply add the new module on to the vacant slot.

#4 Once you have placed the module on to the slot give a small push. This will enable the clips to lock the RAM on to the slot.

#5 Close the door and tighten the screws. Now you can turn on the laptop and view the BIOS screen – to check if the installed RAM has been accepted and read by the hardware unit.

If Then there you need any help Must Comment Below Or Message Us Freely.

How To Hack Android Phones Using Hacking Apps 2017

Let’s Hack Android Phones Using Hacking Apps 2017 Here we are going to discuss the best Android hacking tricks to hack into the device with Windows PC with hacking tools 2017 to hack a device.
See the complete guide explained in the post.

How To Hack Android From Windows PC

Android mobiles are most popular cell phone nowadays. This is because they are easy to use, customization, affordable in price and many such reasons. But there is also a bad factor that is bugs and lack of security in Android. It is also true that we can’t have both security and customization at their best in one device. We can increase one at the cost of another.

The Android is an operating system designed by Google. It is freely available to use by all the mobile phone companies all over the world. The androids mobile devices ranged between Rs.4000 to Rs.70,000. So it is used by most of the world and is most likely to be used by our victim. So in this post, we will discuss how to hack Android using Windows PC with the help of victims mobile number.

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  • Victim’s phone number.
  • The victim and the hacker need to remain connected to the internet during the entire process of a hack.
  • Product must be installed and activated (can also search key on the internet)
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 Steps to Hack: Android Phones Using Hacking Apps

 #1 Install and run the Android sniffing tool.
#2 Enter victims mobile number in mobile number block.
#3 Verify to search for the country or you can enter the country code with a mobile phone.
#4 Click on a hack to hack into mobile phone.
#5 Select reports to hack messages, calls, and files.
#6 Select the .rar or .zip format on the right side to select the format of the file in which you want to store reports.
#7 Click Generate to generate .zip or .rar file of selected reports.
This article is to increase knowledge and make awareness about the threats of the technology. Please do not try to hack into anyone’s mobile phone as it is considered as a criminal offense under the cyber law. And is punishable by law.
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How To Bypass Online Surveys & Block Pop-ups 2016

Just Read this Post to bypass online surveys 2016 & easily Learn the method to block pop up using pop up blocker and bypass any survey .Here is the best hacking tricks which tell you the method to block pop-ups using pop up blocker & bypass online surveys which is tested by me but not a guarantee that will be work for you also.Now a Days there are many useful files which we want to download are hidden behind this online surveys. Generally You will find surveys in more than 50% cases .You need to complete the Tasks first then you get redirected to the original page where you can download your required file. But sometime these surveys are impossible to complete,sometimes after completing the required file can’t be found.You will easily bypass any survey -Try this method And learn the technique of How To Bypass Online Surveys 2015.
                                        Bypass surveys

How To Bypass Online Surveys

Now these are the list of methods which helps in bypassing online surveys.

Method 1– Using Online Sites-Surveybypass ,How to by pass surveys

Image result for Survey Killer App

In this method the sites will automatically remove all the scripts of the surveys and after you get redirected to the original content page and after completion of this you will easily download the required file you want to download.

Using SurveyBypass Site:-

Open the website and paste the URL of the page where you are getting the surveys. Now click the Go button .After this procedure you will easily download your file without any restrictions.
Using How to by pass surveys :-

Using this site firstly you have to download the tool to Bypass online surveys. Download and install it on your PC.After installation you will have to open the tool and paste the url of the page which you will have to open. after this your file is ready to download.

Method 2 – Using Browser Extension

Note – This will work Only In Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome Web Browser and you will have to add the extension.Click below to Download.

Now After this procedure your extension will be added in you Browser.Then you will search your downloading page where your survey is placed on the page. through this extension support it will remove all the survey scripts and you can easily download your desired file.

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Method 3 – Using Survey Killer App

Survey Killer is the Tool which help you to remove all the scripts automatically , you will easily download your desired file.In this you just need to put the URL in the Link Box and then Click on the Download File Button of the tool . Your file will be downloaded shortly.
Note: It works only on sharecash link.

                        DOWNLOAD LINK

Through this you can easily access blocked websites by removing online surveys with the best hacking tricks .

Conclusion  So above are the Easy methods to unblock surveys & bypassing of online surveys .Generally through this methods the Surveys block automatically whenever they are detected.It has been tested on several survey links and works fine but still there are cases when it fails in bypassing the Survey.

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