Agario Mods: Agario Modded Server Working Fine

Are you looking for best agario mods? Well, in this tutorial we have shared some of the best agario mods that will work pretty fine for you! all you need to download all these agario mods. Tekgyd is the blog where we will going to cover all Agario cheats, skins and Agario Mods of 2017 that are working fine

Agario Mods: Agario Modded Server Working Fine

Agariomods: Agario Modded Server

Agario Mods has a large directory of skins that can be used by setting your name to the skin name. This list can be found at

Connect skins: Agario Mods

Connect is a service where you create an account, upload a skin, which you can then use in-game by setting your name to *Username. The * is needed at the start.

Client skin: Agario Mods

This feature allows you to enter a url of an image to use as your skin. Note that this skin will only be seen by you, so it’s mostly only useful for recording.

Themes: Agario Mods

Themes are mainly a selection of backgrounds, and they’re are very few of them at the moment. Themes can also have experimental animated skins for viruses and/or food.

Custom background: Agario Mods

This is the last option in the Themes setting. This will let you enter a url of an image to be used as the game’s background.

Sound effects: Agario Mods

Sound effects play when you eat things, there’s a sound effect for eating pellets, cells, viruses, as well as spawning and dying.

Background music: Agario Mods

Background music plays in the background when you load up There’s a variety of tracks in the shuffled playlist. The tracks are chiptune from creators at, all royalty free. No copyright issues with recording with music playing.

Team mass: Agario Mods

When you have the “Show Mass” setting enabled, while playing in the teams gamemode, you will be able to see the mass of cells on your team.

Advanced settings: Agario Mods

You can access advanced settings by clicking the wrench icon in the top-right of the right panel.
Debug info

Enables through advanced settings. Shows native debug stats, which is normally accessed through this shows a graph of your FPS and network connection.

FPS counter

Simple little fps counter in the top-left corner of the screen, if you dont need the entire debug u.


Best 100+ Facebook Tricks | Tips 2017 – Latest Facebook Hacks

Facebook is one of the best social media website running in this era of 2017. Facebook plays an important role in our daily life, when it comes to latest updates then Facebook is very faster than other social media. but we are not familiar with its hidden tricks and tips. are you? if not then here we’re reveal some of the best Facebook tricks and hacks of 2016. and i know you just love these Facebook tricks because these Facebook tricks are very famous and only few peoples are known with these Facebook tricks.

Best 100+ Facebook Tricks | Tips 2017 - Latest Facebook Hacks

Facts About Facebook? 

Facebook (stylized as facebook) is a for-profit corporation and online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California, United States. The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.
The founders had initially limited the website’s membership to Harvard students; however, later they expanded it to higher education institutions in the Boston area, the Ivy League schools, and Stanford University. Facebook gradually added support for students at various other universities, and eventually to high school students as well. Since 2006, anyone age 13 and older has been allowed to become a registered user of Facebook, though variations exist in the minimum age requirement, depending on applicable local laws. The Facebook name comes from the face book directories often given to United States university students.

Best Facebook Tricks and Hacks 2017

1. Simple Ways To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Photos 
By Mistake you deleted your Facebook important messages and photos? Then don’t be feel sad. Here TekGyd presents a Facebook Messages Tricks.Basically its a Latest Facebook trick which you not many people are aware of and hence i will be writing this tutorial to let you guys know about this amazing facebook Tricks…
2. Hack Facebook Account by Brute Force in Kali Linux 2016 (Educational Purpose)
Facebook Account hacking is not easy, but tekgyd provides you new and latest tricks to hack facebook accounts from android or from PC.i think you all read my previous articles on facebook hacking and according to team tekgyd they all are still working…..
3. Facebook Hacks Tricks by Facebook Hacker Pro (prank)
Yes. So here i’m going to teach you a best Facebook Hacker Methods Just for Educational Purpose. You can easily Download Facebook Hacker Pro Free by TekGyd From here
So Today TekGyd Provides you a software to hack facebook Account.So The question is How to Hack Facebook Through Facebook Hacker Pro in 2016 & 2017…

Hey Wait!.. Looking for Rest of 90+ Facebook Tricks… Stay connected we’re soon coming with best facebook tricks and tips that will really impress you. Thanks !