700+ Attractive WhatsApp Group Names Of 2018 | Family, Adult, Friends, College

700+ Attractive WhatsApp Group Names Of 2017 | Family, Adult, Friends, College

WhatsApp is an amazing free platform to spend time on. However, The latest upcoming features in WhatsApp are also amazing. Therefore, we can create groups on Whatsapp to interconnect with our family, friends, and anyone in the world who is using WhatsApp. To create a WhatsApp Group, We need to select Best WhatsApp Group Name for Family, Adults, Friends, and college etc. So to remove your confusion we are here with an attractive list of WhatsApp Group Names of 2018. You can choose any of them from below list. You can also check  WhatsApp GB plus

List of 700+ Best WhatsApp Group Names of 2018

Brown Band
Grocery Gals
Glacier Gadgets
Skinny Snakes
Secret Losers
The Republic of Restless
Freaky Friends
Ignorant Buddies
Self Warmish Thoughts
Nonstop Chatters
High Level
Forever Ties
All you need to do is Talk, Talk and talk.
Rock stars
Rock & Roll
Wandering Minds
Friends Forever
Bachelor’s Party
Mountain Movers
The Alpha & Omega
Friends for life
Dil Dosti etc.
The Invincibles
Smartness overloaded
Chor Bazaar
The insomaniacs
The Herd
Fabulous five
The Jumping Jacks
Only singles
Chatter Box
Life for friends
Nadaan Parindey
Silent killers
The Desert Roses
Game Changers
The Folks
The Knights in Shining Armor
House Of Hunters
The Drifters
We talk a lot
Awesome Blossoms
Hang over
Fantastic 4
Fab 5
Three Idiots
Changu Mangus
Buddies for Life
Unlimited talks
Last benchers
No more singles
Music Manics

Awesome Whatsapp Group Names For Friends

Childhood Choppers
Brothers from different mothers
X Mate
Life and Music
Best Buddies in Life
Hang over
The Herd
The Folks
The Jumping Jacks
The Back Benchers
Devils VS Angels
Wondering Minds
So Called Engineers
Chor Bazaar
Amazing Pals
Counter Strike Batch
Lucky Charms
Fabulous friends
ABCD Dosts
Best Brothers
Junior Stunts
Bingo Bikers
Valley Racers
Waste Brains
Valet Minds
Trolls of disgust
Clever Cats
Colonial Cousins
Cousin Love
Dear ones
Near ones
Just chat
Weekend Kings
Bingo Wives
Legal Bachelors
Cherry Choppers
Hindi Hands
Higher Drifters
Local Losers
Little Moons
Six Spoons
Across Borders
Happiness All Around
World Of Cousins
People I Love
More Than Bros

Cool WhatsApp group Names | Funny WhatsAppp Group Name

Bhaia ji Smile
The Adventures Of Textin
Game of phones
WhatsApp Fund Raiser
None of your Business
Let’s utilize precious time
Protectors of Superman
Dont check status until I ask.
Searching for group name
404! Group name does not exist
Telegram lovers
Don’t stare all the times
Check, Very funny whatsapp messages

WhatsApp Group Names for Adults

All you need to do is Talk, Talk and talk.
Rock stars
Rock & Roll
Wandering Minds
Friends Forever
Bachelor’s Party
Mountain Movers
The Alpha & Omega
Friends for life
Dil Dosti etc.
The Invincibles
Smartness overloaded
Chor Bazaar
The insomaniacs
The Herd
Fabulous five
The Jumping Jacks
Only singles
Chatter Box
Life for friends
Nadaan Parindey
Silent killers
The Desert Roses
Game Changers
The Folks
The Knights in Shining Armor
House Of Hunters
The Drifters
We talk a lot
Awesome Blossoms
The “surname” Family
Hang over
Fantastic 4
Fab 5
Three Idiots
Changu Mangus
Buddies for Life
Unlimited talks
Last benchers
No more singles
Music Maniacs

Best WhatsApp Group names for Girls

Chat Lounge
Feel free to write
Join at your own risk
Tech Ninjas
Crazy world
Coffee lovers
Staunch Ladies
Hopeless group
Just do it
Just talk
Open Book
The Unknowns
All Us Single Ladies
Block heads
No Spamming
Smile please

Amazing WhatsApp Group Names

Don’t spoil it
So called Engineers
The Trouble Makers
Keep “typing…”
Glowing stars
The Walkie Talkies
Country’s future weapons
Status King
Sports lovers
Don’t join
Type Till You Ripe
Walky Talky
Atomic Reactors
Full On
Playing my way
Crazy Engineers
The Spartns
Crazy people
Check my dp (display picture)
Recycle Bin
Designated Drinkers
Play your way
Non-Stop Pings
Our group is the best
Whatsapp dating groups

Would you like to join?
Online Hangover
Online meetup
Dating and Relationships Meetups
Whatsapp dating
School, Youth whatsapp group names list

Pencil Chors
Golden memories
Boring classes
Crazy School Friends
Why do exams come?
Woh Pencil Ki Udhari
Group names for whatsapp in hindi (Indian group names)

Awaara Pagal Deewana
The Gujjus
Engineering for dummies
Andaz apna apna
Maratha Warriors
Pagan Panthi
Yaaron Ka Kafila
Velle log
Apna Spna
Kamino Ka Adda
Gangs Of WhatsAppur
Bakar Point
Punjabi kudis
Summary: So above is all about “700+ Best Amazing WhatsApp Group Names of 2017”. if we missed  out any name do let us know in comment section below thanks.

(Latest) Hack WiFi Password From Android (Without ROOT) 2017


WiFi Password Hacking From Android (No Root) is very simple and easy trick but it become easy when your Android Phone Is Rooted. But today Tekgyd Presents brand new Trick To Hack WiFi Password From Android without rooting 2017. So don’t be scare if your android phone is root or not this trick must be useful for both. Let’s start Wifi Password hacking Using Android Without Root 2017

How To Hack WiFi Password From Android (Without ROOT) 2017

Hack Wifi Password from android without root 2016 | tekgyd|Mukeshtricks4u
(Latest) Hack WiFi Password From Android (Without ROOT) 2017

How To Hack WiFi Password From Android Without Rooting 2017

Why WiFi Hacking From Android Phone?.

The answer of this question is, we all want to access free wifi in our colleges, society, and in cities. So why i posting this Hack? Because you all dont believe that my all reader send me 20-50 Message daily on facebook or on Gmail, thats why here i am posting this WiFi Hacking trick that is How to hack wifi password from android WITHOUT ROOT. everyone donthave Rooted Android Phone thats why i post this article for those who dont have Rooted Android phone.

How To  Hack WiFi Password From Android (Without ROOT)


Hack WiFi Password From Android Using – WiFi WPS WPA TESTER

Download Wifi WPS WPA Tester. (Google Playstore) Size – 3.4 MB

So here our first android app to hack wifi password using android without root. this hackinp app is spam free and easy to use.But Condition is that this App only hack only WPS & WPA routers . it will never Hack WPA2 Router to hack password.

Conditions – It only support Latest Version of Android, Android 5.O & Marshmallow. Keep in mind your Android Phone must be Updated.

Must Read: Download WiFi Password Hacker Pro For Android (Latest 2017) 

#Steps To Hack WiFi Password From Android Without ROOT.

#1. Start WPS/WPA TESTER App and Press on the Refresh Button. If this app shows green icon on your wifi name, that means this app can hack wifi password.if it shows red icon then it means the wifi is protected and you wont hack that wifi network. Select Green Signal WiFi.

Hack Wifi password from android without root 2016

Tap on connect automatic pin, I jus pray if are lucky to connect with wifi network. and this app can Hack WiFi Password Just in few Seconds.

#3. Boom !! You Easily Hack Wifi Password from android phone without rooting your phone.

Latest Hack Wifi password from android without root 2016
Wifi Hacking Is In Process..

After our first Method, Here we have another Method To Hack WiFI Password From Android WITHOUT ROOT.

How To  Hack WiFi Password From Android (Without ROOT) 

#Method- 2

Hack WiFi Password From Android Using – AndroDumper (WPS Connect)
AndroDumper WPS Connect Is another android hacking app, which heps you to hack wifi passwords from android without rooting your device.
Hack wifi password from android without root 2016
AndroDumper App To Hack Wifi Passwords

Advantage – The Main advantage of this app is This app will try to connect WPS Connection also, this app may or may not connect WPA2 Network, But this app try  to connect WPS enabled Wifi routers that have vulnerability using some algorithm to connect the wifi.

Hack WiFi Password on Android No Root 2017 More Tricks are here (Updated)

How it Works ?

 Hack WiFi Password From Android Phones
This app connect with wifi with its Two Methods : –
#1. Rooted Android Phones + Supports All Versions of Android if device is rooted.
#2. Without Root + Support Android Version 5.O +

Steps Keep In Mind During Hacking Of Wifi Password From Android .

#1. if your android phone is not rooted or your android version is lollipop 5.O or above then this app only connect you with network. in simple words it dont able to show you Password of wifi.
> If you are rooted will  alerted to choose either Root Method or No Root Method. , you can display the password using both methods
#2. For Android 4.4 and earlier:You have to be ROOTED for both connecting and showing password.If Your are not Rooted, then you cannot use the application

Must Read – Hack Wifi Password From Android ( Updates)

if you already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get the password using your PIN.

Adv.- download androdumpper apk


Conclusion: So Above Is all About How To Hack Wifi Password from Android without root 2017.i think its very useful for all of you. Tekgyd Here is not take any responsibility of bad usage of This Hack. this is the first post on Hack WiFi Password From Android (Without ROOT) 2017.Hope you all like this post.If Then there you need any help Must Comment Below Or Message Us Freely.

How To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number 2015 and 2016

How To Use WhatsApp Without Using Mobile Number
Hi Guyz Today i am going to share with you a latest whatsapp hacking trick- How to use whatsapp without using your mobile no. some people ask me about this they all thinks its not possible bu today tekgyd gives you a trick to use this all hacks for free.

  • First of all, Save complete Whatsapp data to your phone.
  • You dont have any need to Remove it Completely.
  • Go to Setting and then go to whatsapp and Clear Data.After clearing the data your all whatsapp data is removed and now your whatsapp is completely new.
  • Now go to receivefreesms.com and select any of the no. Here I will use an Indian Mobile Number. 

  • Enter the number in the required field on Whatsapp. It will take you to the sms verification page. 

Now go back to receivefreesms.com and click on the number which you have chosen to verify Whatsapp sms verification. 

  • Enter the verification code in WhatsApp verification page. That’s it, you are done..

Note:-  Some numbers might not work due to the technical error, no problem choose any other number to verify sms verification. The only drawback with this trick is anyone can use the same no. for verification so during those times WhatsApp will ask you to re-verify your number.

So Above is all about How To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number 2015 & 2016.Hope you like my new article.its working and tested by Us

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How To use Two WhatsApp In A Single Device At Same Time [Android]

How To use Two WhatsApp In A Single Device At Same Time [Android]

Download – OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsapp is a modded version of Whatsapp messenger for Android devices.
It is used to use 2 whatsapp account in one single android device i.e. dual whatsapp account for whatsapp dual sim
OGWhatsapp doesn’t require to ROOT your android device. [NO NEED OF ROOT]
Though this OGWhatsApp Anti-Update version is based on WhatsApp 2.12.71 it UI has Android 5.0 lollipop like material design. So download the OGWhatsApp Anti-update or Anti-ban version and enjoy having dual WhatsApp on a single Android phone.
  • The first step is to make a backup copy of all of your messages (if you want to save them) and then delete all of the user information for the app (or you can just reinstall the app)
  • The second step is to rename the /sdcard/WhatsApp directory to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp. You can do this using any file manager for Android, though it is easier to do this from Windows.

The third and last step is to verify your old number in the OG version of WhatsApp, and then verify your new number in the normal version of WhatsApp. That’s it.

Download OGWhatsapp

How To Use WhatsApp In PC Without Software (Latest) 2016-17

How To Use WhatsApp in PC Without Software 

Today Everyone use WhatsApp in their Android or iOS devices. But Do you know we all use whatsApp in our PC or Laptops.Are you Shocking??
But its true yeah we use WhatsApp In our PC or Laptops.but the question Arries how.And i will tell you one more most important thing.that everyone share with you How To use WhatsApp In PC.but that method is By Installing Software.Yeah, Its for all device like android, iphones,Windows phone,Nokia S6 etc.But Todays Tekgyd – WhatsApp Tricks 2015-16 Share with you How To Use WhatsApp In PC or Laptop Without Software.So lets Start !!

How To Use WhatsApp in PC Without Software 2015-16

#Steps To Use WhatsApp In PC Without Software 2015-16

#1. Connect Your phone in which you are using your current WhatsApp Account.
#2. Now As you are connected through PC or Laptop, You have to start/On you Data Connection Or Internet Connection.
#3. After You Go to the Any web browser of your PC or Laptop.
#4. Go To Web.WhatsApp.com 
#5. Then As the site is open you Find a QR Code.
#6. Scan that code with your Phone.
#7. As The code is scanned the go to your phones WhatsApp and choose Web Client Option.
#8. Now you can see your all conversation in your PC or Laptop easily.
#9. Dont Forget to Logout Your WhatsApp Account From PC. Go to Setting And Click on “Logout”

 By this Method you can use WhatsApp Account in your PC or Laptop easily.but you have to charge you internet as same as your Android,iphone,Mac Devices.But this Hack is very Good.

So above is all about How To Use WhatsApp in PC or Laptop Without Any Software 2015-16. By this method you can easily Access your WhatsApp in you PC & Laptops without installing any additional Softwares.Hope you like the method, don’t forget to share it with your friends and leave a comment below if still facing problem.


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Latest Whatsapp Tricks & Tips

Latest Whatsapp Tricks 2017

1) Use WhatsApp Without Your Mobile Number

If you don’t want to use your mobile no for your WhatsApp, whatever reason behind it. So this trick may help you to do that easily. Just follow the below steps and enjoy.
  1. If you are already using WhatsApp, uninstall it from your device completely. Download and install it again.
  2. Now when you open WhatsApp it’ll ask you to verify your phone number. It automatically sends a verification message to its server. Now the work/trick that you need to do/perform is blocking the message service and this can be easily done by keeping your phone on flight mode.
  3. It’ll ask you to choose an alternate method to verify. Choose ‘Verify through SMS’ and give your email address. Click on ‘Send’ and without waiting click on ‘Cancel’. This terminates the authorization process.
  4. Now you need to do is message spoofing.
    And after the spoofing of the message is done, you will receive messages intended for the spoofed number of your device, and then you can use your Whatsapp to communicate with people with your spoofed number.

Spoofing method

Go to your Outbox -> Copy the message details to spoofer app -> Send it to spoofed verification.
Use the following details.

2) Whatsapp Free For Lifetime Hack


  1. Apple Account
  2. Patience
  3. iPhone (temporary required)

Steps to Make Whatsapp Free For Lifetime

  1. First of all you need to download and install iTunes, It helps to easy create Apple Account. In this way you get apple account.
  2. Second Patience, it tradition on iOS where they give various free apps. So every year there period when whatsapp is completely free on iOS for example, lifetime subscription.
  3. Finally real trick is started now, you need a iPhone for this you can easily borrow from your friends. Now you can download WhatsApp from Apps store for free of cost with your account, now logout from his Apple account, install it on your friend’s iPhone with your sim card in it.
  4. After installing, you enter your required data and Done, Then, logout your WhatsApp Account. Take out of your sim card put it in your Android phone, download and install WhatsApp from your Apps Store like Play Store. Now go to your WhatsApp Settings > Account > Payment finally you found.

3) Hacking your friend’s Whatsapp

I think this one is the amazing trick for anyone, because it sounds very less possibilities, But it is possible in a very easy way.
  1. Firstly, you need to do is, go to the MicroSD card and then click on the Whatsapp and later on on the Database option.
  2. After you are done with the first step you will find two files namely,
After finding these two files, you just need to do is take these files from your friends mobile and then you will be easily able to read their conversations that they have done with their friends. You can open them using a simple text editor.

4) Recover Deleted Messages

WhatsApp by default stores all your conversations and activity on your SD card. Simply follow the previous trick in your WhatsApp.
  1. Simply go to: Micro SD card > WhatsApp > Databases and look for two files named
  2. The first file contains all the messages you have sent or received in the last seven days while the second file contains all messages sent or received on that day. You can retrieve those files easily. Now open them using a simple text editor.

5) WhatsApp trick to Hide the sent image with other Image

Have you received an image where at first you see an image and when you click on the image you get to see a other one? There’s no trick but an app can do it. So you just install this app on your mobile device and enjoy!

6) Change Your Friends’ Profile Picture

You can change your friend’s profile pic into your WhatsApp on your mobile only but not globally .
  1. Choose a funny profile picture for your friend.
  2. Resize the image to 561×561 pixels and name it with your friend’s mobile phone number.
  3. Save the image in SD card -> WhatsApp -> Profile Pictures.
  4. Overwrite an existing image if required.
  5. Disable WiFi and data network. If you don’t WhatsApp will automatically update the picture.
  6. Now show it to your friend who’ll surely shocked to see his changed image.

7) Get Contacts Profile Pictures

If you want to save your friend’s profile pic in your mobile then there is no way to get it directly.
WhatsApp doesn’t provide an option to save the image. You can take a screenshot and then you’ll have to crop the unnecessary part. But after reading this trick you don’t need to do that just follow these steps.
  1. Go to in SD card > WhatsApp > Profile Pictures.
  2. The images will be associated to you friend’s mobile number and not his name. Just save it.

8) Lock Your Whatsapp with Password

Yes, now you can password protect your whatsapp conversations this helps you to increase your security and also safety.
So Above Is The WhatsApp Best Hacking Tricks & Tips. if You Have any problem regarding this article.You must comment below