Sandisks World’s First 200Gb microSD Card Arrives

There isn’t any troll in the title. The “World’s Largest microSD” card sized at 200GB is now officially available for purchasing from Amazon and number of retailers.

Order a Sandisk’s new high-capacity microSD card from Amazon now. However, the only issue is that it is not exactly very cheap. You will have to pay Around $240 to Buy one.


Sandisk’s World’s First 200GB MicroSD Card :-

Back in March when Sandisk first announced the world’s first 200GB microSD card, it was expected to be priced at around $400. However, $240 has been marked as the price for the highest-capacity microSD card available in the market.

Sandisk’s 200GB microSD card, or Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, offers a transfer speed of up to 90MB per second, which is double the speed provided by its 128GB counterpart.

Transfer Speed: 1200 Photos Per Minute

The company claims that the speed will allow you to transfer up to 1,200 photos in just a single minute. The card is something of great use for photographers and filmmakers who need more storage capacity to store high-resolution photographs and videos.

Moreover, Sandisk’s 200GB MicroSD card comes packaged with an SD adapter and a 10-year limited warranty.

Furthermore, the 200GB MicroSD card is waterproof, shockproof, temperature proof, magnet proof and X-ray proof to deal with any possibility of destruction.

However, if you can not spent this much for 200GB of storage space, there always remains an option for you to buy a 128GB MicroSD card that still provides you plenty of space and costs as much as $80

Android’s SECRET Codes 2015 Latest Edition

These Android Secret codes are mostly universal, and should work on Android devices, no matter the manufacturer. There might still be carrier restrictions on certain codes though, so they’re not all guaranteed to work.

Android Secret/Hidden codes 2015 :-

 *#06# – IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number – essential in case your device is stolen and you want to block the thief from accessing your network

 *#*#7594#*#*  Make Power button turn off your device without displaying menu

*#*#4636#*#* – Display information about phone, battery, usage and WiFi

*#*#7780#*#* – Factory reset (deletes app data and apps, not firmware)

*2767*3855# – Complete phone wipe, including firmware (not to be used lightly!)

*#*#273283*255*663282*#*#* – Back up all your photos and videos
*#*#1472365#*#* – Test your GPS
*#*#1234#*#* – Display phone firmware and PDA info

androidpit secret testing menu
You can access the above screen on most Android devices by entering *#*#4636#*#* on the dialpad

*#*#232338#*#* – Show WiFi Mac address
*#*#8255#*#* – Access GTalk Service Monitor
*#*#36245#*#* – Access Email debug info Email
*#*#225#*#* – Events calendar
*#*#426#*#* – Debug info for Google Play Service
*#*#759#*#* – Access Google Partner Setup

#Samsung SECRET Codes :-

*#*#34971539#*#* – Show all camera information
*#*#197328640#*#* – Enable test mode for services
*#*#232339#*#* – Wireless LAN test
*#*#1575#*#* – Test your GPS (alternative to generic Android GPS test)
*#*#0*#*#* – Test your LCD display
*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – Display crucial phone information (PDA, Hardware, firmware etc.)
##778 (followed by the Call button) – EPST menu

#HTC SECRET Codes New :-

*#*#3424#*#* – HTC function test Program
*#*# – HTC Info menu
*#*#8255#*#* – Launch GTalk Service Monitor
##3424# – Diagnostic mode
##3282# – EPST menu
##8626337# – VOCODER
##33284# – Field trial menu
##786# – Reverse Logistics Support
##7738# – Protocol Revision
androidpit htc epst

The function test menu on HTC phones can be accessed by typing ##3282# on the dialpad

These codes, but if you do then now you know where to find Them. So Above Is the Android SECRET Codes Latest Edition 
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How to Hack any Smartphone

Today, i am going to share about How to Hack any Smartphone 2015 Android, iPhone and Blackberry mobile phone. Works a lot like your regular RAT. You configure an Xampp server on your computer and once people install your app you can control them from your own phone. You can read all there messages, contacts and get shell access.

  • 1. Backtrack 5 r3 (using backtrack for this example as SPF is pre-installed), i recently posted a article, how to download, install and run backtrack 5 in windows.
  • 2. Portforwarding (if you are using this outside of your own network)
  • 3. Xampp for linux (guide to installing this will be in the tutorial)
  • 4. A phone (for example I will be using my Android Phone)
Step #1:- Installing Xampp:
    • First of all, go Here to get Xampp.
    • Once xampp has finished downloading, go to your home directory and you should have a file called “download.php?xampp-linux-1.7.3a.tar.gz” rename it to something like “xampp.tar.gz“.
    • In your terminal window run
    • tar xvfz xampp.tar.gz -C /opt
  • Everything should be installed and you can find xampp in /opt/lampp/directory.

Step #2:- Configuring Xampp:

/opt/lampp/lampp start
/opt/lampp/lampp stop

To start and stop the Xampp service
  • Once Xampp has started, go to “localhost” in your browser and select your language. Navigated to “Phpmyadmin” and create a new database called “framework”.
  • Next add a new user by going to the “privileges” tab then “add a new user”.
  • Use whatever username and password you want and select “local” from the hosts list.
  • Make sure you “Check All” global privileges, then click go.
  • Now delete the htdocs folder in /opt/lampp/

Step #3:- 
Configuring SPF Files:
    • Navigate to the SPF config file
and Replace
  • Ip Address For Websrever – with your local/public ip.
  • Ip Address TO Listn on for Shells – with your local/public ip.
  • Ip Address of SQL Server if Localhost – with
  • Username of the MYSQL User to use – with the username you made in phpmyadmin
  • Password of the MYSQL User to use – with the password of the user you set 

Step #4:- 
Configuring SPF:
    • Open up the smartphone-pentest-framework window by going to:
  • Select option 4 then select option 2.
  • Input your phone number, then input a 7 digit control key to connect to your victims and then enter the path you want your app to located on your webserver (I will be using /). Now don’t expect anything to happen just yet, you need to configure your phone with SPF.
  • Locate the file:
  • And move it over to your phone by uploading it to dropbox or just connecting your phone to your computer.
  • Install it then open it up. Put in the details you filled out a minute ago in
  • SPF and your ip the webserver is setup on and press setup.
Step #5:- Attacking People:
    • Open up smartphone-pentest-framework and select option 6 then pick between the direct download (just sends a text to the person from your phone with a direct download to the file) or client side shell (uses a browser exploit in android phones to give you shell access).
    • If you select option 1 you must move the file 
    • /pentest/exploits/smartphone-pentest-framework/AndroidAgent/bin/AndroidAgent.apk
  • To your root directory.
  • Once you get a victim, just open up smartphone-pentest-framework again, select option 1, fill in the details and you can then control the victim from your mobile phone. 
Above is the tips and tricks how to hack any smartphone easily. If you like this trick don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Lets get started,,,,,

Facenif 2.4 apk Full cracked Download Unmasked 2015

FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to.

It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
It’s kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use (and it works on WPA2!).

FaceNiff 2.4 Apk Full Cracked Passwords Unmasked

NB : This cracked apk have ability to make password unmasked after successfully hijack 😀

*** ROOTED PHONE *** is required. Please note that if webuser uses SSL this application won’t work use SSL Strip and you’re done 😀
This application due to its nature is very phone-dependant so please let me know if it won’t work for You

Use with stock browser (might not work with other)

Legal notice: this application is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it’s not legal in your country.
I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. Use at your own risk

Password masking for facebook logins also removed.


  • Please uninstall any previous versions of FaceNiff first before installing this.
  • Open FaceNiff once. Close. Now open a second time. 
  • FaceNiff is now fully unlocked.

Download Faceniff App apk v3.5 2017

Download Faceniff app APK Latest Version of 2016

Faceniff Apk Pro 2016 Provides you to hack any account in free and working trick of 2016 and Yes its little complicated to use it in 2017 but i hope you’ll like it to download

This Faceniff App can only hack 3 accounts at a time but with cracked faceniff apk, which  you are going to download, you can hack unlimited accounts.

Steps to Use:-

1)Download Latest version of cracked faceniff apk

Install the apk file and grant root access.

2)Open it and tap on menu.

3)Select Unlock application.

4)It will ask you key. Enter any alphabet and select save.

5)Restart the app.


Download Link:-                                                                        

Click here to download.


So above are the Faceniff App APK 2016. You can download this facebook hacking apps from tekGyd Easily without any cost. Do comment below if you face any problem

Biggest Hacker In The World

Gary McKinnon The Biggest Hacker

Gary McKinnon must’ve been a curious, restless child, for to gain information on UFOs, he thought it better to get a direct access into the channels of NASA. He infiltrated 97 US military and NASA computers, by installing virus and deleting a few files. All the efforts to satisfy his curiosity, but, alas, curiosity killed the cat. It was soon found that McKinnon was guilty of having hacked the military and NASA websites from his girlfriend’s aunt’s house in London. While entering and deleting the files from these websites wasn’t enough, McKinnon thought of shaming the security forces by putting out a notice on the website that said, “Your security is crap.” Well, looks like McKinnon was something, if he could shut down the US Military’s Washington Network of about 2000 computers for 24 hours, making the hack, the biggest military computer hack of all time!

Simple Trick Requires Only Your Phone Number to Hack your Email Account

In order to get into your email account, an attacker does not need any coding or technical skills. All an attacker needs your email address in question and your cell phone number.
    This social engineering trick sounds so easy and requires almost no technical skills to get into anyone’s email account.

    Most of us reply to the unknown phone calls and messages thinking it is from the company, as receiving messages and phone calls from companies is not something uncommon.

    Always be Defensive to such Scams

    Before watching the video, someone would have never thought of such a method to hack someone’s account.

    Of course, the untrained mind could easily fall victim to the text asking for a response. But, as Symantec says

    The workaround is not to fall victim for such kinds of scams and always examine the messages you receive.

    Legitimate messages from password recovery services will only tell you the verification code and will not ask you to respond in any way.

How To Change Windows password wihout knowing current password

Hello guys, you know that User and Administrator password in widows are protecting your computer from any unauthorized access. So that chooses a strong password and safe your computer or system files from unauthorized access. But  if you forget your windows login password, or  want to change your password without knowing current or old password ,then don’t worry , In this we are telling about  to  change windows login password with a some simple method, which you can do easily perform.  

Method -1 

Step-1  Select “My computer” and press Right click on it and chose a “Manage” options. or Press Windows+R Key and type compmgmt.msc in Run Box and hit enter.

Step-2 “Computer Management windows” will open, and Select System Tools from Right window pane and after that Go to “Local Users and Groups” and double click on it.

Step-3 Now Click on “Users” and you will see all the login accounts of  your computer. And after that select your account.

Step-4 After selecting your login Account press Right Click on it. And then choose “Set Password” option.After that one pop-up box will open and click on “Proceed”.

Step-5 Enter the New Password and conform them, then click on “OK” Button.

Step-6 Now your login Password has been successfully changed .you can restart your system and check with your new password. 

Method -2

Change password with “Command Prompt

Step-1 Firstly go to windows start menu and type “cmd” in search box . Then select cmd and Run as Administrator.

Step-2  After that  type below command in cmd  

  net user %username%techgyd

         you can change  to with your choice password and after that hit enter.

Now your password have been successfully changed . and enjoy !!