3 Best Spying Apps in India That Can Keep You in the Know

A New Year and a fresh start—something virtually everyone has in mind when they set New Year’s resolutions. For the first few weeks of the New Year, you try your best to stick to your goals. Those who are strong enough might even get through the first month. But then… some of us lay down their arms.

No, I am not trying to make you feel bad about yourself, rather I just want you to know that it’s crucial to set realistic goals that are actually achievable. For instance, if you have promised yourself to learn to hack in order to tap into other people’s cell phones, then do that throughout the year.

However, if your aim is just to spy on someone’s text messages, phones calls, etc. you would be better off looking for affordable spyware apps in India. A software that can help you peep into others’ private data without having to learn any technical fundamentals or various programming languages.

Spy apps were initially designed so that people can keep tabs on their kids, but that’s not where these sleuthing programs stop. These sneaky apps are also used by employers, boyfriends, girlfriends and even family members to eavesdrop on others. So, if you are keen to find a little more about a particular person, you can use best spying apps in India to get a clear picture.

Here we will tell you about three: Xnspy, TheOneSpy, and Highster Mobile. You can check and compare the three best spying apps before picking the one that you think would be best for your needs.


Xnspy is a multi-purpose spy app that is used to snoop on Android and iOS devices. As soon as you install the best spying app, it starts collecting the data from the monitored phone or tablet. Allows you to see the chats on WhatsApp and other consumer apps, view contact list, access call logs and much more with a few clicks on your own device. You can freely browse through the target device and gain access to almost anything you want.

Alike other best spying apps, Xnspy transfers the data through a wireless internet connection or mobile data. The seamless performance and 24/7 first-rate customer support through email and Live chat channels allow users to stay on top of their spy game. In fact, it’s one of the few best spying apps available on the market (India) that allows you to modify app preferences as per your convenience.

Potential users have the option to try the software using the Live Demo on Xnspy’s website. It gives buyers a good idea how it works and what it actually offers. The best thing about this app is it works in the background, so the device user never gets to detect it.

Even the remote commands are non-intrusive. The target never receives any intrusive message or hear any awkward sounds when the app is recording calls. Here is what you can do after signing into your personal Xnspy web account:

  • Monitor phone calls and messages.
  • Access IM chats and multimedia.
  • Track GPS location and set geofences.
  • Read emails and monitor online activities.
  • Record phone calls and surroundings.
  • View Calendar entries.
  • Remotely control target device.
  • Get 24/7 quick alerts on certain activities.

There are a handful of best spying apps that doesn’t require you to have some special IT skills to operate them and Xnspy is one of them. Even a layman can use this mobile application without any problem. The subscription plans are highly affordable. The yearly bill for the Basic Edition is just $8.33 a month and that for the Premium Edition (with all the advanced features) is $12.49 a month. And you will get free lifetime upgrades.


  • More features for less price.
  • Advanced features such as remotely lock the device, wipe data, take screenshots, block inappropriate apps, view installed apps, and set alerts to monitor specific zones or locations.
  • The Remote Installation Support offered by Xnspy frees you from the worry of installing the app.
  • It has an extensive support for iOS and Android devices. From oldest to latest, all iOS and Android mobile devices are compatible with this software.
  • The affordable spyware app in India even allows you to retrieve deleted messages.


  • The program lacks support for Windows, Symbian and BlackBerry devices.
  • There is no free trial version of the app.


TheOneSpy is a unique surveillance app that targets devices running Android, iOS and BlackBerry operating systems. Once you install this application, you will be in possession of everything that takes place on the target device. All the information collected by the TheOneSpy is encrypted and uploaded to a web portal where the spy can review it.

This means all the information including, the messages, emails and phone calls can be viewed through this spyware. It even has the capability to turn on the microphone and camera on the target phone, so you can take spy shots and eavesdrop on its surroundings.

The cell phone monitoring program is easy to order and most convenient to use in comparison to other spy apps. While other spying apps only give you a cursory view, TheOneSpy app gathers ample data to ensure there is no misreading of the situation.

Following are the features of the best spying app that sets it apart from others:

  • Spy on text messages.
  • Eavesdrop on phone calls and device surroundings.
  • Scan the call logs.
  • Track the GPS location.
  • Inspect the contact list on the target phone.
  • Check out the appointments and reminders set on the device.
  • Remote monitoring lets you track the device from a distant location.
  • View popular chats on instant messaging apps.

The 12-month Lite package of TheOneSpy will cost you $140, whereas the yearly Premier subscription can be purchased $240.


  • It can be used to monitor multiple devices in one fell swoop.
  • Live listening, live camera streaming and live screenshot capability give it an edge.


  • TheOneSpy doesn’t track Tinder and Instagram.
  • There is no geofencing feature so you cannot monitor specific areas or places.
  • To initiate remote feature, TheOneSpy sends intrusive SMS commands that can alert the target.
  • The spy camera feature frequently causes a lag, which deteriorates user experience.
  • The prices for the subscription plans are on the higher side. A 30-day subscription plan costs around $18.


Highster Mobile is known for its capability to track all the activities taking place on a device. And those who think they can cover their tracks should think again. Highster Mobile is among the few best spying apps that have the ability to recover deleted messages from the monitored device.

It was specifically developed to be easy to use. Even if you have little to no experience with the smartphones, you will be able to use Highster Mobile without any issue. That said, installing the software on the target device is not as simple as one expects. However, once it is installed the app remains hidden on the monitored phone. No matter, how hard the target may try he will never be able to find it.

On the other hand, the data gathered from the monitored device can be accessed by signing into Highster Mobile control panel from a device of your choice. The control panel will be your operation center from where you can monitor all the activities and initiate commands to stay in the know of everything.

The Highster Mobile offers a variety features. Here we have listed some of the prominent functionalities.

  • Monitor internet usage.
  • View the details of all the incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Access multimedia files shared.
  • Activate camera on the target device to snap pictures.
  • Track social media apps and stay abreast.
  • Find the whereabouts of the target with GPS location feature.

The Highster Mobile supports both Apple and Android devices, but unlike others, it has a unique subscription plan. Instead of proffering monthly, quarterly or yearly plan, it requires you to pay a one-time fee of $70 to purchase the program. This puts it among the costly solutions, especially if you are looking to use it for short-term.


  • Stays undetectable on the monitored phone or tablet.
  • No monthly charges just a one-time fee with free app updates for life.
  • Highster Mobile is one the few that offers phone support.


  • The geofencing feature is missing.
  • Doesn’t let you add keywords to monitor certain activities.
  • Monitors a limited number of social media apps.
  • Users experience a lag every time they use the stealth camera feature.
  • There is only one support channel.
  • The support staff lacks the knowledge regarding the product.
  • It lacks advanced features that can up your sleuthing game.

Final Verdict

The necessity of best spying apps is undeniable. All three spy apps bring something different to the table, which makes them unique in their own way. However, considering the features, prices, support system, and consistency in performance, I believe people will highly appreciate Xnspy because it has emerged as an All-Star that has outshined its rivals in nearly all the departments